PUBG Mobile iOS / Android vs Xbox One X Graphics Comparison

Open Beta of PUBG Mobile is currently being held in China and if you’re wondering on how the game runs on phones compared to Xbox One X then this short graphics comparison video might come in handy.

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sizeofyou244d ago

Why didn't they finish one before they got going on another platform..?

solderman244d ago

Korean developers have always operated this way.

DillyDilly244d ago

Theres also two versions of the game coming out on Mobile

243d ago
ULTp0ltergeist242d ago

^ who downvoted? I didn't use that username. Just pointed out how toxic China's gaming community is. lol

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KillBill244d ago

It's not being developed by the same team.

OpenGL244d ago

Because they already got your money if you play it on PC or Xbox One.

Sam Fisher243d ago

Is it still only in asia or North America ios is there

sizeofyou242d ago

Should've finished one version off - and handed code to other platform developers. Can't help but feel they'll be so much disparity. How do developers overcome issues in development of a title - they invent a means around the problem. So different platforms will have different solutions to the same issue. Couldn't give sht whether it's a different developer. I know that some differences are inevitable by platform; but the 'feel' and gameplay should be consistent.
Terrible practice to rake in $ from unfinished products in my view. If this is "games" of the future, we're in for a rough ride.
Well...some will be on some platform with one game - and others on another platform with a different game.
Imagine some of the big developers doing this...they'd be hung by the masses as incompetent and moneygrabbing...

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KillBill244d ago

Mobile version has a Fortnight vibe to it.

yomfweeee244d ago

Are we really comparing mobile graphics to console graphics? Is this going to become a thing?

GamingSinceForever244d ago

I think you’re missing the point. It’s not about which is better, it’s just showing how well made the mobile version is.

ZeroX9876243d ago


I was actually very impressed with how good the game looks on mobile, considering this is a game that is known to run poorly, except if you have the raw power to counter it.

ILostMyMind243d ago

Or how shit the XB version is.

mcstorm243d ago

I think they should compare it to the xbox one s version so we can see what the difference is as this shows how far behind mobile technology is to the one x but as a mobile game it's impressive

Highlife244d ago

If i take anything away from this video is that they did well with mobile and terrible on xbox. I would expect a huge gap but honestly i just came away with xbox version looks like crap.

Kiknyonutz243d ago

You're obviously taking the article the wrong way then, heck you probably didn't even read it. It's a simple comparison, two games, near identical map, similar gameplay on two completely different platforms. People do comparisons with the same game between PS4, Xbox One, and PC all the time and that's what you took away from this article?

The video game community is absolutely awful for letting others enjoy what they have, regardless of console.

skiggy34243d ago

Well if you honestly think the X version looks like crap then your some sorry ass fanboy looking to shit on anything xbox.


This video is on the Lowest settings... I have an S8 and the best graphic settings, looks a good bit better than the vid provided. Obviously the X is native 4k and looks close to PC, but Im surprised how well it runs on Mobile, I was playing ROS but PUBG Mobile is much better, even in beta!

Zool 08243d ago

Can't tell the difference

Wikkid666243d ago

Get to the eye doctors as soon as possible. There may be hope in saving your vision.

skiggy34243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

Be careful if you cant tell the difference between the X and the mobile you may not be able to tell the difference between a d 1 ck and a vag.
And some other idiot upvoted you.........

Zool 08243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

Apologies for the error, now that I looked at it again the mobile version is clearly the superior version .

thexmanone243d ago

That's because its not on the PS4

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