GTA 5 Is The Holy Grail Of Nintendo Switch Ports

The attack of the ports continues apace on the Nintendo Switch. As the new hybrid console gains steam, all sorts of publishers big and small are starting to see the upside of bringing games to the new platform, and what started with early support from Bethesda seems like it could develop into what has until recently only been a dream for Nintendo: full-throated third-party support, even if the new machine can't run everything the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can. Among all these ports, however, one seems to loom larger in the imagination: the subject of countless news stories both fake and slightly less fake, YouTube rumors, Reddit threads and more. At this point, it feels like GTA 5 is the holy grail of Nintendo Switch ports.

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Redlife2g244d ago

Will. Never. Happen.

I love the switch tho

porkChop244d ago

Why never? It ran just fine on PS3 and 360, both of which are less powerful than the Switch.

Cmv38244d ago

Is that the version you really want though?

porkChop244d ago

I don't personally want it. I've bought the game twice already, and don't play it anymore. But GTA V on the go? Hard to imagine gamers wouldn't want that.

_-EDMIX-_244d ago


People need to also remember that Grand Theft Auto series was ported to the PSP as its on PlayStation Network.

So would not be the first time or impossible to have a last-generation Grand Theft Auto game running on a portable.

It's happened before.

Italiano1234567244d ago

But they were also on disc that's the problem the switch is cartridge-based which have far less memory we've already seen lots of problems with doom and several other games

Belinker300244d ago

If it can run Skyrim,it can run GTA albeit with downgraded visuals

_-EDMIX-_244d ago

@ital- so what you're telling me is Grand Theft Auto V cannot be made as any type of download ever? It's impossible? 🤔🤔🤔 29300;

Belinker300244d ago

Absolutely the portable version I want sounds awesome

G3ng4r244d ago

@Cmv38 You'd prefer the version that limits you to your tv/monitor? Sounds inconvenient.

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Sgt_Slaughter244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Reportedly its already running on the Switch as we speak. There's no possible reason it can't be released with added DLC.

Pricey243d ago

Is that what your spidey senses tell you or is there evidence of this?

243d ago
Belinker300244d ago

Never say 'never',there is a good possibility considering it was a last gen game ported to the new consoles

1-pwnsause-1244d ago

the psp ports sold like crazy too

Protagonist244d ago

except the gta games for the psp were not ports.

1-pwnsause-1243d ago

You’re right they weren’t! They had their own stories built for the ground up for the system

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CrystalFantasy244d ago ShowReplies(3)
PhoenixUp244d ago

I’d ask who hasn’t bought this game by now, but it’ll still sell 10+ million plus in 2018 regardless

norm242d ago

I've never seen or played GTA V. I'd hella buy it for my Switch!

TheGamez100244d ago

Not sure why they gave us la noire instead of this game. Wierd decision. It was first on ps3 and 360 after all.

porkChop244d ago

Likely gauging interest in the IP, and also recouping costs. It was one of the most expensive games ever made, and wasn't a mega-seller like GTA V is.

Goldenhawk521244d ago

I think it might have to do wth the fact that LA Noire is a single player game while GTA V is single player and has a HUGE multiplayer online aspect to it. I think it has to do with Nintendo’s online servers not being well-equipped with the support for GTA Online? Maybe GTA V is really difficult to port right now compared to LA Noire. That would make sense to me anyways.

Prince_TFK244d ago

Maybe you are right. Maybe we’ll see something from Rockstar once Nintendo paid online service starts.

Kosic244d ago

I doubt that at all. They don't really need to make it an online game. They could easily release the single player stuff and be done with it.

They picked LA Noire over GTA 5 as they were currently remastering it for all platforms. So why not have a small team sit a side and port it to the switch.

Donnie81244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

I wouldn't mind seeing it on the switch. GTA online on the go sounds like a winner to me. Might even be some nintendo only folks out there that have yet to play it. Either way I'm sure it would sell like crazy.

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