Kingdom Hearts III: Square Enix Did Not Announce an E3 Release Date Reveal Despite Reports

During the Kingdom Hearts III show at D23 Expo, reports alleged that Square Enix promised to reveal the release date at E3. Unfortunately, this is false.

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Snookies12299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

Who cares if it's announced at E3. I mean, at least we know it's coming this year. That's all that really matters.

Still have this game locked down on pre-order from Amazon for like 40 bucks haha.

Abriael299d ago

It could still come at E3. They simply did not announce that it will. It is really funny that so many websites took a tweet from a rando and ran with it as news, probably because it was posted on Resetera as such.

Snookies12299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

As long as I can get it this year, whether it's tomorrow or the very last day of the year. Just knowing it's coming in 2018 is enough for me.

Abriael299d ago

My bet is on D23 in July, but who knows.

Abriael299d ago

Actually, my mistake. I just got reminded that D23 in the US is every two years, so there won't be a D23 in July this year.

FallenAngel1984299d ago

At the end of the day this will still be a holiday release title