Moss - Surprising Complexity of PS VR's Small-Scale Fantasy Adventure

The PlayStation Europe team plays Polyarc's upcoming adventure and comes away with a newfound respect for jugglers due to Moss's unique VR controls

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Xenophon_York250d ago

Didn't think a game like this would become my most anticipated VR title, but here we are. The demo hooked me hard.

Knushwood Butt250d ago

Yeah, this game may well be a PSVR system seller for me.

Xenophon_York250d ago

This year and the next will be the deciding factor how successful PlayStation VR will be. Need a few more heavy hitters with the caliber of Resident Evil VII. Developers are just too addicted to mainstream 2D games and the revenue it brings in.

Einhander1971248d ago

Yes the demo hooked me, one of the best VR experiences yet. Hope the rest of the game holds up, Starchild looks amazing as well.