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It's clear that Koei Tecmo and Omega Force have gone back to the drawing board with Dynasty Warriors 9, and in many ways, it's a big improvement. The new open-world format changes up the game in a way that helps the flow and pacing of its story mode, as well as its core mechanics. Despite the obvious graphical flaws and some issues with combat lacking finer controls, the streamlined menus, open world atmosphere, and laughably fun moment-to-moment play makes Dynasty Warriors 9 not just a must for fans, but worth a look for the merely curious.

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dunnyone250d ago

Is this a fucking joke? The game is BROKEN on PC (frame rate tanks in random spots, enemies vanish while you walk towards them, graphics are PS3 era shite, sound turns on and off) and the gameplay is utter utter trash compared to the excellent older ones. I waited a few years for this, and it's worse than a Tencent mobile clone game. The combat is awful, the characters are awful, the game is awful. Go fuck yourself Bandia Namco. And holy shit why are there black borders during the gameplay? Hate it.