Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) Review | ZTGD

Jae climbs on big monsters in his latest review.

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chris235245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

shouldn‘t a 3rd time making the same game automatically get a 5/10 for really low effort? let‘s face it. these kind of multi-times-reheated titles are only good for absolute diehard fans of the game or people who got born recently. everybody else is like „thanks for nothing“.

what i also can‘t see is how a ps2 game can get a 9.5 on the they raised thr resolution if the game and made it look adequate on modern machines. but underneath the same tech from 10 years ago. there is something profoundly wrong with these very high marks for reheated games - or some bloggers are profoundly biased here.

Nyxus245d ago

Low effort? It's a full remake, they remade everything from the ground up. It's not just a resolution bump, lol