Sea of Thieves Is a Swashbucklin' Good Time and an Xbox Game Pass Seller | COGconnected

COGconected: We spent a little time with Sea of Thieves ahead of its launch next month, and all signs point to this being a terrific pirate jaunt when it's finally released.

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spicelicka246d ago

honestly no matter how doubtful you are of the game, it's pretty awesome that for $10 you can get a one month subscription and enjoy the game for the whole month.

Phoenix76246d ago

It's definitely a fantastic deal for gamers for what you. My only real concern is how viable as a business model its going to be. I mean, it would take 4, 1 month subs to cover the retail cost alone of a new game alone. We know that Ms could take £ hit, but for how long? How long before cost is increased by 50-100%

Fishy Fingers246d ago

If they increase the price to something you’re not comfortable with, cancel your subscription.

It’s no different to iTunes or Netflix. I stream or download more content than the individual subscription costs would of bought outright, I don’t concern myself with how they’re making money I just opt for the best option for me in the here and now.

246d ago
spicelicka246d ago

I think we should let them be concerned with that. This is a HUGE decision and isn't made without proper reasoning and forecasting. You're right about the price increase though, but a lot of people will just unsubscribe.

Tko1111246d ago

The game is a service game with content delivery. There is no way to finish it in one month unless you don’t plan on engaging in more content which then they still got you to try it and there is no resale. Developers get 0 from used games

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corroios246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Without millions and millions all year subscribed this wont work. If gamers rent one month and then leave it will be a huge flop. Any game cost millions and millions. Microsoft doenst have enough exclusives to launch at least one every month.

And what Microsoft needs are system sellers and not game pass seller. They need to increase the number of consoles sold to attract more games and so on.

timotim246d ago

Negative not surprised.

So what if gamers get one month of GP and actually like it? What if they start downloading and playing some of the ALREADY 110+ titles on the service already and enjoy their time with it?

It's funny how the PS fanboys are the on ones saying what Microsoft has to make in order for it to be viable for them instead of just focusing on how great GP is for THE CONSUMER haha...

And why are you so worried about what Microsoft needs anyway. Hardware units sold increase or GamePass subscriber increase would bring more games either way, no? Grab GP and enjoy the games...or buy it out right and enjoy your game...either way, let Microsoft worry about how the money is coming in.

Tko1111246d ago

You guys are worried about a company that makes billions more than it competitors. Trust they know what it takes to make money 💰. Plus how can you beat sea of thieves when it’s a service game that adds content every week.

Blastoise246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

It's only on game pass because it's going to have a "premium" store. This game will have some BS currency or something related to microtransactions.

timotim246d ago

No...its on Game Pass because it's a Microsoft game and ALL Microsoft games will be on the service going forward.

Tedakin246d ago

No, it's just going to have cosmetics you can buy like pretty much every single game out there..............

Razzer246d ago

Game Pass is a no-brainer for this and every other MS game coming out this year. Who in their right mind would pay $60 when Game Pass is an option? Well....except for collectors I guess.

timotim246d ago

Personally ill buy some games new that I really know ill want. Games like Halo 6, Forza Horizon 3, Sea of Thieves etc...while the other games ill just use game pass to get my fix. So a little of both for me.

Razzer246d ago

That is fair. Some of those games are probably going to drop off GP at some point now that I think about it. I know I’ll want to always have Forza Horizon on hand so yeah.....I get your point.

christocolus246d ago

So glad to see positive impressions from the press. great job Rrae.

j15reed245d ago

Y'all keep lumping MS games in with Sony games, Sony games will need those high initial sales because its a one and done game unless you want to play on a different difficulty or DLC comes out. Look at Uncharted 4 while it might have sold more than Halo 5 initially, I guarantee the money Halo has brought in is way more the Uncharted seeing the ever evolving multiplayer component is the main attraction of the game.