Fear Effect Sedna: Everything we Know About the Game Ahead of its Release Next Month

Set four years after the events of the original game – Fear Effect Sedna is a whole new story in the Fear Effect universe – and sees a return of series characters Hana, Rain, Glas, and Deke.

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GamesMaster1982249d ago

Was way excited about this when i heard about it as loved the first 2 on PS1. But all my excitement has now gone i just don't like top down shooters. Why the hell did they not go with the first 2 games gameplay style.

_-EDMIX-_249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

"Fear Effect Sedna opts for an isometric perspective – as the game aims to offer a more tactical action experience than early titles"

? WTF did they do to this game? I was excited when I first heard this game was announced but hearing this has saddened me greatly. I'm sorry but if they wanted to make a sequel to fear effect it needs to be in the vein of the concept of the very original, if they want to make a new IP nothing is wrong with that but they need to stop using the Fear Factor name if the concept isn't even the same.

I'm hoping that they have Fear Effect 3 or something in the pipeline I'm not buying this anymore if it's going to be this crap. A game is much more than simply just the intellectual property name alone.

cha0sknightmare249d ago

Played this at EGX and it was brilliant! can't wait!