Dead Space Review 9.5/10 (GCHD)

Hey guys, anyone interested in Dead Space should definitely check this out. This game has been getting really good reviews so far. Here is one from GameCinemaHD, who at the end indicated that it was one of the best titles of this generation.

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RonDeMuerte3662d ago

about getting this game.....

trancefreak3662d ago

same here but i need to try before i buy or ill go bankrupt from all these releases

Harry1903662d ago

it's better going bankrupt as a happy and fulfilled man rather than having money and missing such great experiences. When you love, you don't count.

Peter Griffin3662d ago

we have arrived at the point in gaming where most games from now on are goin to receive nothin but 8.9's and up.

i couldnt ask to be alive at a better age

ElementX3662d ago

That doesn't even make sense. There are plenty of games scoring less than 8, how can you say most games now will score higher? Where's your proof? Just because Dead Space is going to kick ass, most other games will?

dj_funky3662d ago

damn.. didn't think this game would be that great.. reviews are proving me wrong.. might pick this up after all.

Panthers3662d ago

this game came out of nowhere. Just to torment our wallets.

dj_funky3662d ago

i agree brother.. i agree.

Raoh3662d ago

damn it was hoping this game would bejust ok

i'm already buying 5 games this holiday not including dead space


DevastationEve3662d ago

Good game. Sleeper hit? Definitely! I kinda feel like this is where Dark Sector was in 2005! Very outer space/Sci-Fi. Still, Dark Sector was pretty good.

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The story is too old to be commented.