Britxbox: FIFA 09 Review

Britxbox writes: "With the football season well underway there has already been plenty to talk about. From dodgy referee decisions, Tottenham and Newcastle's ongoing plight as well as Manchester City's new owners it really does show that anything can happen in football. While these subjects will no doubt keep most football fans amused you can nearly guarantee that they will not be discussed as much as which football title is the best one this year. Once again the two same candidates go up against each other and the first one out of the blocks is FIFA 09.

Last years FIFA was a huge improvement over the previous version and much anticipation surrounded this latest title. With a whole host of options at you disposal you will be hard pressed to find a game with more features packed in. Manager Mode, Exhibition, Tournaments, Be A Pro Mode now as a four year career and more online options than any other football title ever released."

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