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Wesley Yin-Poole: "While the Sea of Thieves closed beta answered many questions about Rare's big new shared-world pirate game, it left many questions unanswered. Chief among them, perhaps, was, is this it? I recently sailed over to Rare's offices in the Leicestershire countryside to find out what the famed UK developer held back for launch - and it turns out there's a lot to the game we didn't get to see in the closed beta."

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UltraNova342d ago

Even though this game isnt my cup of tea, I have to admit its looking better by the minute. Rare is onto something with this one, I can feel it.

DaDrunkenJester342d ago

Indeed, they have something good here and as long as they support the game with good and meaningful content after launch then it can avoid being another Destiny.

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pody342d ago

I might just play it only for the amazing water.

Septic342d ago

Oh wow this is looking very promising. I had great fun playing this with mates in the beta. Can't wait to see what content is available in the final game.

Multiplayer goodness 😊

Kribwalker342d ago

been in the alpha since last march. the game is pretty awesome and i can’t wait for all the cool stuff coming with it’s release

TheCommentator342d ago

The article was way more than I'd imagined about SoT considering what was the beta. Seems like the beta was really minimalist and more of a debug/stress teat than an example of the final product. Rare seems to have returned to form; There is a ton of interesting new day one content and what looks to be strong post release support to keep new content coming, which is fantastic, and I can't wait to play the retail release.

Off topic, but I think SoT is graphically stunning, and I'm not sure why some people don't see it. Some of the screenshots in the article really show off the engine quite well (like the panorama under the title). I remember The Wind Waker was also scoffed at by some for its graphics style, but it was doing similarly amazing things for its time (Coincidentally, also a sea-faring, comic-inspired art style with amazing water effects).

chiefJohn117342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Betas aren't gonna be 90% of a game or in most cases even 25%. Betas are a small sample size for tweaks and tests.

TheCommentator342d ago


Yeah, I guess I'm just surprised that a bit more wasn't included in the beta, all things considered.

meka2611342d ago

It is weird that the beta has just the same amount of content as the beta, just with somethings added in. But you are definitely right about the water, such amazing graphics. Best thing too is even looking at the surface from under the water looks amazing. Can't wait for this one.

christocolus342d ago

Will be there day one. Great job Rare.

AizenSosuke342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Rare excellent job on creating your own audience while following Microsoft criteria :)

343_Guilty_Spark342d ago

Game shaping up to be an excellent adventure

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