The Dragon Ball FighterZ Player Base is Dying Fast

Records were broken with the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ two weeks ago. Now the game is pulling a fraction of what it used to be. Is this the common course of a game’s life, or is this something to be worried about?

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KilluaX32047d ago

On PC. No fighting game lives long on PC.

solderman2046d ago

Also when you add in the factor no one plays competitive fighting games at tournaments it isn't surprising. The stakes in online competitive fighting are so high there is a strong possibility of the game being compromised or exploited on PC.

2046d ago
Cyro2046d ago

"no one plays competitive fighting games at tournaments..."


KwietStorm_BLM2046d ago

"Also when you add in the factor no one plays competitive fighting games at tournaments it isn't surprising."

What is it you're trying to say here?

spartan112g2046d ago

I honestly would never play a fighting game on PC. I play FighterZ on both Xbox and PS4.

ShottyatLaw2046d ago

With direct "current gen" PC releases, emulators, and accessory compatibility, I'm planning to use my current PC as my DIY arcade machine.

Omar912047d ago

Of course it is, they havent uldated the gsme since release! The game is still broken from time to time. I played yesterday and got kicked out of a game 3 times. Its just ridiculous that there is no update on a patch as of yet fixing the issue. Dont even get me started on the whole no rooms found issue. Havent even been able to play with a friend yet!

CorndogBurglar2047d ago

Yeah man. The broken ring mode sucks bad.

Also, continually dropping from servers is awful. It happens both in the lobby and during matches.

I love the game but they aren't making it easy to want to keep playing.

chris2352047d ago

no online based game gets played more than the usual 30-40 hours. then people go on to the next best thing. minus the usual few which are too few to be called „a success“. even monster hunter world got played by roughly 90% of people in my buddy list the first week. impr ssive, but yesterday only 5 people still played the game. (i guess the game rental stations are still a big thing anong gamers). maybe it‘s best for devs and pubs to invest in a proper market research before churning out the next online based something. just a thought.

MasterChief36242046d ago

There's this indie game that came out last year that has been a modest and consistent success. It relies on online multiplayer for its gameplay. I think it's called... PUBG?

Vanfernal2047d ago

A lot of the pull of this game was because it's Dragon Ball. And a lot of those people are not really into fighting games. Once the dust settles the ones that will stay are the fighting game community.

ErogeMaster2046d ago

You mean casuals posing as fighters.

Darkwatchman2047d ago

I thought it was obvious the player base would shrink rapidly. It was so successful partially because of the license. So you would have an influx of casual gamers and dragon ball fans rushing to get it because it’s dragon ball, but only the actual fighting game fans would stick around past the honeymoon period.