Hideki Kamiya Explains Why Bayonetta 3 Is Switch Exclusive; Aims to Make it As Good As it Can Be

Hideki Kamiya reveals the history that led Bayonetta 3 to be greenlighted as a Nintendo Switch exclusive and explains his goals for the project.

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naruga2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

the series was doomed alltogether by becoming Nintendo Exclusive, i was hoping that Platinum after Nier would have got theirselves together but i was wrong
....on PS4 would have far greater appeal and potential for continuation

darthv722049d ago

Appeal is not based on the system its for, its based on if the game is good. The game is good therefore it appeals to those who like it. People who dont have a switch, and like this game, will likely pick up a switch to play it.

Asuka2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

The series wouldn't exist at all if it wasn't for Nintendo tho...

SR3882049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Aww so salty ... The series was better with 2 and 3 will be awesome

_-EDMIX-_2049d ago

Well I'm not too sure if I could say all that .

Without Nintendo the series very likely was not even going to continue to exist. So the way I see it it's better to have this exists somewhere else then not have it exist at all. Trust me I don't disagree that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One would have far greater appeal for a series like this, but the way Sega has this deal with Nintendo it makes sense for both parties.

Nintendo flips the bill for development, Sega makes money off of the software sales. It's a win win.

Though I wish this was on PlayStation 4 I'm happy it exist at all.

I trust SEGAs on this choice.

darthv722049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

@edmix, Sega is no longer publisher of this game after the 1st one on PC, PS3 and 360. Nintendo stepped up and became publisher for the port as well as the sequel on WiiU and is the publisher for the Switch versions as well.

And seeing as Nintendo helped PG out with continuing this game then maybe they can get with PG about another game that was unjustly canceled.... Scalebound. Just because MS stepped away doesnt mean that PG scrapped all the assets. Nintendo could make a deal to publish that for the Switch as well.

Michiel19892049d ago

doomed altogether? what are you talking about....
I havent seen a single bad review for Bayonetta 2, everyone loved it. So far for being doomed

If it wasn't Nintendo stepping up then the IP would actually have been doomed altogether, meaning there wouldnt have been a sequel whatsoever.

You are basically saying: all good exclusive games from every 3rd party company should be exclusively on ps4 because it has the largest install base....idiot

Michiel19892049d ago

@darth Sega not being affiliated? Read the article before you comment.....

gamer78042049d ago

Platinum is unreliable at this point when it comes to honoring franchises. They'll put one game out on consoles then the sequel or spiritual successor out on other platforms. I would have preferred that they make their game available to as many players as possible that loved the original bayo and helped make it a success.

darthv722049d ago

"I would have preferred that they make their game available to as many players as possible that loved the original bayo and helped make it a success."

@gamer, in a perfect world such things would likely occur but this is a case where it is not up to the developer but the publisher to decide. PG is the developer and is contracted to do a job and the publisher decides who gets the finished product. Sega was the publisher for the 1st game and had already green lit the sequel but then something happened at Sega so Nintendo came to the rescue. Nintendo became the publisher and as such they published it for their platform.

Sometimes it is just that simple.

mikeslemonade2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

I rather have no Bayonetta 3 or 2 if it’s exclusive for Switch. There shouldn’t be a Nintendo version. The series should have stayed at B1 if it couldn’t be made for real current gen platforms.

The pacing and direction B2 took was bad. Forgettable bosses and fighting the same two enemies. Level design was bad. Fight two enemies in mario type platform and then fight the same-feel boss on a mario type platform.

And lastly but not least is the graphics aren’t gonna leap. B3 will look B1. Disappointing. And as a Bayonetta 1 fan the series should ended at 1 you can’t make a proper sequel.

Aaroncls72049d ago

While it is true that without Nintendo's support the series would've not continued, or so the devs have said.
It is logical that multiplatform options would be more beneficial for PG revenue wise and the series would get much more exposure.
It is very hard to debated that.

septemberindecember2049d ago


As a Bayonetta fan you wish the series ended after the first game? Sounds like you aren't much of a fan...

PhantomS422049d ago

So doomed on Nintendo it got a 3rd game...

G3ng4r2049d ago

I hope your feelings get better soon.

Zabatsu2049d ago

No, I won't darthv72.
I love this series and always have and I am really disappointed to see it becoming a dulled down exclusive for the switch. But hey, fun for the ones that like that kinda thing?

I will not buy a Switch, to play this game, no matter how much i like the series.
There's streaming for that and they will not get my money.

_-EDMIX-_2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

@darth- "Sega is no longer publisher of this game" ??? Huh? Ok.. where did you read that I said they were? My comments regarding Sega are that Sega own the intellectual property.

And regarding something like scalebound I don't even believe that would be up to Platinum Games because to my understanding Microsoft game studio owns that intellectual property. I'm sure that Platinum Games could still release a concept similar to scalebound, but they would not actually legally be able to use the exact assets, Microsoft game studios would actually sue them, technically that is the property of Microsoft game studios.

Trust me I get what you're saying in the respect that they had a spiritual successor but no they could not use the exact assets unless they would love a healthy lawsuit by Microsoft.

Also Platinum Games does not own the Bayonetta intellectual property so technically speaking Nintendo would making the deal with Sega. Not PG. Platinum Games would be contracted after the fact which actually means if Sega and Nintendo wanted to make Bayonetta four or five they technically could get any Studio they felt like it if Platinum Games declined.

So technically the game is contract it out to Platinum Games

Nintendo is publishing and funding

Sega owns the intellectual property.

Nintendo publishing does not mean that Sega is not involved as that doesn't really make any sense because a publisher can publish a game they actually legally do not own Microsoft actually published multiple Gears of War Games despite not owning the property until actually recently.

Microsoft also published Mass Effect despite not owning the IP

That really isn't a brand new practice. Because the way your wording it it sounds like you're not entirely sure to what capacity Sega is involved lol

Again you could publish something you do not legally own. You actually could look up legally who owns the actual intellectual property and it is actually still listed under Sega as such an acquisition would be huge and couldn't even be kept a secret based on simple legal issues with stockholders they would never be able to withhold something like that from the public. Lol

tehpees32049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Sony, Microsoft, Sega, EA, Konami, everybody = none of them saw a future for Bayonetta.

Did they let you down? Yes but the thing is they don't care. They never saw Bayonetta as a profitable long term IP. Nintendo did.

It isn't on PS4 because Sony rejected it. Why can't you accept this explanation? They aren't #4theplayers. They are a business and didn't see Bayonetta as part of their business.

kreate2049d ago

I already have a PS4/X1. I really don't want to buy a 3rd console to play this game.

Neonridr2049d ago

SEGA owns the IP, but not sure if they are actually helping much on the game other than allowing Nintendo/Platinum to make the game.

_-EDMIX-_2049d ago

@teh- Sega clearly saw a future in the property clearly to own it legally.

@Neo- correct, that's how I'm seeing it.

Sega likely is simply the middleman and this is simply a business deal for them as it's simply looking like Nintendo is publishing and funding and Platinum Games is contracted to create the game.

Sega.... collect a check lol I mean if they were not going to fund it and publish it themselves I don't think they're going to be opposed to Nintendo spending the money.

I think this deal is a win-win for everybody involved because I think many fans need to understand I don't actually believe this game was ever going to exist if Nintendo did not want to flip the bill. If you look at Vanquish you're not seeing a bunch of sequels come out of the woodwork and that game did just as good as Bayonetta. I simply think Sega did not get the return that they were looking for in regards to the money that they spending especially considering it was releasing for multiple platforms.

With this arrangement Nintendo is publishing and funding, Platinum Games is developing, so it's low risk for Sega.

I don't think people realize or taking into consideration how cautious this company is it takes them a long time just to localize the Yakuza games, they are very careful they are very meticulous and they are very conservative as a company and they're not going to continue to keep taking huge risk.

Bayonetta to Sega is not a huge risk when there is a company looking to fund and publish the entire project.

I think some Gamers seriously need to realize that there is a chance that this series was never even going to continue without Nintendo wanting the property in their lineup. This very much simply could have been another Vanquish. Although of course I would definitely want a Bayonetta made from the ground-up to take advantage of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but at the end of the day foremost we kind of still need the damn game to exist in the first place lol

darthv722049d ago

I could see Nintendo making a play for Vanquish. In fact... I hope they do.

Obscure_Observer2049d ago


"And seeing as Nintendo helped PG out with continuing this game then maybe they can get with PG about another game that was unjustly canceled.... Scalebound. Just because MS stepped away doesnt mean that PG scrapped all the assets. Nintendo could make a deal to publish that for the Switch as well."

You have no idea what you´re talking about. Bayonetta is SEGA´s IP! Nier is SQUARE ENIX´s IP! SCALEBOUND IS MICROSOFT´s IP!

You´ll never see a Scalebound game which Microsoft and Xbox is not envolved!

Obscure_Observer2049d ago


"the series was doomed alltogether by becoming Nintendo Exclusive, i was hoping that Platinum after Nier would have got theirselves together but i was wrong"

You ARE wrong! Kamyia or Platinum has no say in this matter! Bayonetta is a SEGA IP and SEGA choose NINTENDO as partners since NINTENDO was the only company which actually give a f*** about Bayonetta. Sony and Microsoft choose to let the Bayonetta 2 project to die and rot, so screw them!

Mad props for Nintendo to belive in Bayonetta! F@#% Sony and Microsoft!

tehpees32049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

@ _-Edmix-_
Them owning the franchise has nothing to do with what I said. I said you blame the company that refused to budge for a PS4 release. It was shopped around to a point where they needed to go exclusive.

Both had their chance and both missed it.

Why people just can't admit they personally believe Sony and Microsoft were stupid is beyond me. But they think they weren't. Now why don't you come out and say it. YOU think Sony were stupid in rejecting it.

Microsoft actually proved their stupidity by cancelling the game they rejected Bayonetta 2 for.

EXID2049d ago

idk about doomed, but you can’t despute that it would have done far better on ps4. the switch’s market isn’t even targeted at the people who would normally buy bayonetta. there’s no doubt it would a better game overall had it been a ps4 exclusive over a nintendo one.

rainslacker2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Series was doomed by Sega after the first. If it weren't for Nintendo, it wouldn't be a series anymore


How is the game getting dulled down? Each successive release has come out on more powerful hardware than the last. It may not do as much as it could on other systems, but hardware wise, it can still improve upon the last

CorndogBurglar2048d ago

"but i was wrong "

Well that shouldn't be surprising because you're pretty much always wrong. Like, always.

Uken122048d ago

And the Sony Fanboys come out in droves. Idiots. Why hate on a game that Nintendo paid for?

So when 3rd party games aren't on PS, ya'll say it's horrible that the developer was funded by Nintendo and that they should have made it on PS4....
Then you say Nintendo sucks because they don't have 3rd party exclusives and no "Adult" games.
Yet you criticize.
Then you say it is a disservice to the fans? What, the fans that never bought the original?

You people lack logic. Thank God there are some people on here who aren't so biased and stupid.

mikeslemonade2048d ago

I rather not have the game at all if it's on the switch

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PhoenixUp2050d ago

I didn’t know Bayonetta 1 was originally going to be an Xbox 360 exclusive. Sega made the right call later making it multiplatform