A Noob's Impressions of Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is deemed as a classic, ever since it first launched in 2005. Over time, It has a massive cult following. Known by many as the peak of Team Ico’s development career. With Bluepoint, the studio with a tenure to polish, remaster, and remake some classics like, The Metal Gear Solid and Uncharted HD collections, now behind the reigns to rebuild Shadow of the Colossus from the ground up. Does this game from 2005, still hold up 2018? Bad Bit Games host, talks about his experiences as a newcomer to the game and to Team Ico’s trilogy. Does the hype behind this game translate to a person coming into the game for the first time?

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Poli_Games248d ago

Its crazy how the fights still feel so epic even 10 plus years later!

Garethvk248d ago

A true classic that I hope those who missed it the first time around Wil embrace

TGG_overlord248d ago

It's well worthy of your money and time imo.

Poli_Games247d ago

For 40 bucks it’s definitely worth it!