Console Monster: Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 Review

Console Monster writes: "Before I start this review I must clarify that I was unable to get my hands on a dance mat so had to use a controller to play the game. My hand hurts a lot right now but the fact I used a controller instead of the mat doesn't change how poor the game is.

Dancing Stage Universe 2 is the updated European version of the American release Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 and is the billionth game in the Bemani dancing series (okay, I lie. But there's been a heck of a lot of games). The Bemani series of games probably holds the record for the longest use of the same game mechanics in every single game, mixing popular music with unknown club tunes and forcing you to jump around on a mat (or bash a controller) to the beat. And this has gone on for probably over 10 years. Yes, they've had new modes and a few new features but the game is exactly the same every time you buy it. No change to the gameplay and no real change to the graphics. But let's take a look at the latest iteration in the series."

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