10 Video Game Finales That Totally Ruined Their Trilogies

If you manage to nail a first entry of anything out the gate, praise to you. The very fact that game mechanics, storylines, intentions of the development team and budgetary concerns actually match up in a way that's not a total car wreck is a miracle every time. Every single time.

That said, once something does take off, you've got to start planning sequels and maybe even third instalments, and that's where things get tricky (just ask The Matrix). Getting a project off the ground in the gaming industry is trickier than most thanks to the sheer cost of development, let alone something like Mass Effect that was always meant to be more than one release.

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Phoenix76339d ago

Don't bother people. It's about 20 clicks for 10 games and most of them have way more than just 3 games in the series. Example being batman arkham has had 4 games in the series yet they bring up knight (4th game) or even better, fallout 3 which was actually the 5th fo game to be released (fo1, fo2, fo tactics and the console game fo brotherhood of steel)

thienan1919339d ago

thanks for the heads-up :)

TheDarkArtisan338d ago

Click bait trash, that wants you to subscribe or wade through pages of rubbish and ill conceived views.. nothing to see here folks.