10 Confessions Of A PS4 Owner After Buying A Nintendo Switch

Just when it looked as though the PS4 was going to ride through the rest of the generation as the easy winner, Nintendo dropped an atom bomb on the gaming world with the Switch, winning back estranged fans and proving they can still rub shoulders with the big boys after the disaster that was the Wii U.

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dsammy04245d ago

Was all for this article but then it asked me to click through 10 slides or sign up for a subscription. What!?Immediately closed out of it. I get it that it's all about generating revenue, but I'm sure these sort of practices deter more people from the site. Even figured maybe I was tripping and decided to go to the main site, however every article I clicked on was the same. Sure it's not the authors fault but sites like these are a blight on the internet.

SuperSonic91245d ago

With the tons of mobile devices at home I am not gonna add anymore due to the unhealthy effects of these devices on children: namely : premature eye deterioration, the strained neck muscles, the small controller causes nintendonitis on theier tender fingers etc etc
And also i dont wa t them to e stuck in Nintendo's version of Neverland syndrome found in many grown ass men today.
So we avoid Nintendo like the plague.

Belinker300245d ago

You better stay indoors I think bubble boy and never get in a car or cross the road

NotoriousWhiz245d ago

Sounds like you could've used some Nintendo in your life. Why so mad? All the people cussing out you and your mom on the internet got you down?

Jules__Badguy245d ago

But you choose be known here by the name of a fucking cartoon hedgehog...

Shut the fuck up please.

S2Killinit245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

they make other versions of this clickbait article. there is no merit to it, they just change the name Switch to xbox one X. Its basically an article to rile people up. So stupid.

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Grimwood245d ago

You know 90% of "articles" linked on n4g are like that crap don't you?

245d ago
Zabatsu245d ago

Lol, love how the spambot replied to your comment, priceless.

bloop245d ago

Thanks for that, but I'm still sorry I gave it a click, considering.

blawren4245d ago

It's really not that hard to click through the pages. It's well worth the read.

TFJWM245d ago

Ya not sure what the big deal is...if it is just a couple sentences I understand but if they are this long who
cares you have to click something and a few seconds

raWfodog245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

It's funny how some people keep trying to portray the narrative that you can't enjoy gaming on more than one system. The 'confessions' should have been more of a 'revelation' that, as a gamer, you can be more interested in playing games and not the 'console'.

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Belinker300245d ago

I think this generation is too caught up in visuals and pixel counts.The Switch proves that gameplay and fun rule the roost.A crap game in 4k is still a lame game.I luv the fact I can sit outside in my greenhouse admiring nature and enjoying some of the best games like BOTW on the my Switch.

Fist4achin245d ago

I agree. You can polish a turd, but in all reality, it is still just that, a turd.

Now quit sitting around and really enjoy nature without a screen in front of you...

UltraNova245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

Hahaha comment of the month right here folks!

@ Christopher

We need a voting system for comment of the week/month ASAP. Then each month you can pin a thread to comment on the winners.

You know its a great idea ;-)

maybelovehate245d ago

You can also polish a diamond.. Well not on the Switch anyhow. But it is possible.


I agree with this comment. I've sunk more hours into Persona 5 than any other PS4 game and it is essentially a PS3 game with slight visual upgrades.

PlayStation has been my main console since the late 90s, but that's going to change soon. I'm more excited for Pokemon, Shin Megami Sensei 5 etc than any other 2018 release...even Spiderman.

That handheld option is a game changer IMO.

_-EDMIX-_245d ago

'that's going to change soon" So...if Persona 6 comes out on PS5, you telling me you not buying a PS5? lol relax bud, just continue to get both. I've been playing PS consoles and Nintendo handhelds for generations and its not a either or.


Me liking Shin Megami IV, Pokemon, Bravely Default series etc on 3DS, didn't suddenly make me "change" lol

Both are options.


Never said I was "abandoning" Playstation. Just that Playstations won't be my main consoles of choice anymore. Of course I'd buy a Playstation to play Persona 6 assuming it was an exclusive, but by the time that comes out (at least 10 years if we go by how long it took Persona 5 to come out), it wouldn't surprise me if Nintendo struck a deal to make it a Nintendo exclusive.

Atlus has already asked fans if they want to see P5 and other Persona games appear on the Switch via a complete edition of some sort. Persona games appearing on the Switch isn't a matter of "if", but simply a matter of "when".

The 10th Rider245d ago


"So...if Persona 6 comes out on PS5, you telling me you not buying a PS5?"

Nothing he said even implied that. All he said is that PS being his main console will change soon, that doesn't even imply he won't buy the next one if a game he wants comes out for it. Nowhere did he say that he wouldn't continue to get both. You've typed an entire reply based on something he never said, so maybe you're the one that should relax?

Belinker300245d ago

Why are you even mentioning PS5,what are you Buck Rogers from the year 2022

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_-EDMIX-_245d ago

" Switch proves that gameplay and fun rule the roost" huh?

Are you suggesting that PS, PC or XB gamers are not playing games for gameplay or "fun"? Come on bud, its a great platform, but no reason to say such a thing. ALL GAME SYSTEMS "prove" that gameplay is key. If a game is bad, its not going to sell on really any platform, no matter how great it looks, trust me, you didn't see The Order 1886 or Ryse moving 8 million units.

UltraNova245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

Agreed but both The Order and Ryse weren't bad games, just not that fun.

ziggurcat245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

You do realize you just said you enjoyed sitting outside in nature... while staring at a screen the whole time...

And just think about what they could have accomplished with BotW on a system as powerful as the Pro/X...

_-EDMIX-_245d ago


Is this person not realizing that you could do that with all the other Portables that have released in the past?

I have no clue why anyone is trying to word this in a way as if no other systems have games that are created to be played for fun.

BlackTar187245d ago

That's what I find funny, this weird implied thing that handhelds are new.

Granted switch is a step above but the concept isn't new its just been upgraded.

Belinker300245d ago

Loving all the assumptions here....but my point was not that Xbox and Microsoft don't have fun compelling games, there's just too much emphasis and focus on resolutions and whose got the most powerful hardware rather than just enjoying a videogame for what it is rather than pixel counts or frame rates.

Belinker300245d ago

I don't stare at the screen the whole time,but thanks for the negativity and pompous remark

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TomatoDragon245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

And a portable crap game is still crap on the go.
I love that I can sit on my couch, in front of my 60” Samsung, surround headphones, and play some of the best games like Bloodborne, Horizon, Persona 5, Shadow of the Colossus, Monster Hunter World.

Mr Marvel245d ago

Agree 100%.
I like to sit back, relax & actually see every detail of what’s happening on my huge ass HD screen.
I prefer not to damage my eyes while I strain them staring at a tiny screen for hours.

Belinker300245d ago

I do to,but I'm not confined to a room inside.Btw I have a PS4 pro and enjoy said games also

Belinker300245d ago

Playing video games inside or outside at the beach,bustop,whatever...more game time can only be a good thing rather than just in the confines or a living room or bedroom

KwietStorm245d ago

Why do so many people always argue in extremes? It's not one or the other. Sure there's people who get caught up in pixel counting, sales numbers, and how many exclusives (or lack thereof) that a platform has, but it is actually possible to make and play graphically demanding games that are fun at the same time. I promise you it's true. The Switch does not "prove" that gameplay is king. It proves that what the Switch has done, works for the Switch. There is an endless amount of fun games that existed and currently exist, that aren't attached to Nintendo. There's room for everything.

EXID245d ago

but the ps4 proves you can do both lol

ShinMaster245d ago

Yes all 4k games on other consoles and PC are boring tech demos, sure /s

You guys really need to stop pretending like you cant have both good visuals and gameplay. As if the only way to achieve fun gameplay is with underpowered hardware.

TheDreamCorridor245d ago

Breath of the Wild actually decent at best.

Christopher245d ago

***The Switch proves that gameplay and fun rule the roost.***

You know what also proves that? Games that sell well.

The Switch isn't proving anything new at all in this regard, it's been the standard. Don't take mindless debates over pixels on N4G to mean that the people here play just for pixels and not for enjoyment primarily, because that's just not true.

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michellelynn0976245d ago

Competition is good. The PS4 has been the big console, but now, it has competition. This is good, Sony will be on their best now and Nintendo will keep pushing to be no1. Gamers are the winners.

_-EDMIX-_245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

"now, it has competition"

Not really. Nintendo still making the best handheld, Sony still making the best console. I'd argue they have less now that Nintendo is primarily making portables. Different markets. If you didn't like PS consoles before, I don't see much changing now, if you didn't like Nintendo handhelds before, I don't see that changing now. I feel the demographics that like those systems already know what they like.

If you like Mario, Pokemon etc, you are buying a Switch.

If you like The Last Of Us, God Of War, Days Gone etc you are buying a PS4. Consider one can say this any generation, just replace the word "Switch" with 3DS, or DS, just replace the word "PS4" with PS2, PS3 etc. It'd be like suggesting Battlefield "now has competition" and its talking about Call Of Duty....unless something has changed with both publishers, both install base of players in the majority have already actually made their choice. I don't know how much more or less a audience will like a IP compared to the last generation, but if nothing is really changing, you are simply saying the people who like Nintendo will keep liking Nintendo, same with PS. If thats the case, Switch will move units to the core audience that likes those IPs, same with PS4.

Death245d ago

If your dollar is spent on a Switch game or console instead of PS4, it is indeed competition. Using the fact that Switch can be a portable or console doesn’t change what market it is in.

_-EDMIX-_245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

@mic- this is a portable device, I'm not sure what's to get offended by.

In order for it to be hybrid it still means that it must be both which actually simply means you are confirming it is portable. You getting mad at what it is doesnt make it "trolling".

I bought all the previous Nintendo portables for the same reasons and I'm going to buy this for the same reasons. So I can play on the go, are you telling me you can't play this device on the go? The definition of portable?

?? What is the lie? Is this device capable of being played portably or not?

How come you can't answer that? 🤔🤔🤔

michellelynn0976245d ago

Wrong again. A lot of older gamers are buying the Switch. So yeah, Sony has big competition to worry about. Remember in your little message you sent me? You called it a Fischer Price toy. I know what you are really all about.

corroios245d ago

They cant accept that the switch is a portable console that can be connected to the tv. Hybrid,yes, fullfledge home consolenot really. Thats why sony was able to sell more then 20 millions ps4 on 2017, because the switch isnt in the same market.

The switch was never gonna fail because its portable. In the first year it got less major 3rd party big games then the wii u thaeven had a cod game that wasnt made 4 years before. 3rd party games are still not coming. Not even monter hunter world was made... Being portable is the main feature of the console.

slappy508245d ago

I love my Switch. Best PORTABLE I own 😂

kneon245d ago


It's a portable with a video out port, just like my PSP Go. The Dock doesn't do anything other than provide power and make it easier to connect cables. For portability, I prefer not requiring a dock. I used to bring my PSP, a cable and a controller when I traveled so that I could play on the TV in my hotel room.

Imalwaysright245d ago

Ohhh hit and miss as usual uh eddie boy?

"“At our gaming business, sales of the PlayStation 4 are strong heading into the holidays,” he said. “But we can’t ignore the Nintendo Switch, which has also captured consumers’ attention."

Sony, the console market leader disagrees with you and sees the Switch as PS4 competition. Not vita, not PSVR but the PS4! Who would thought? The thing about market leaders is that they only get to that position if they understand and know the market they're in inside and out so please tell us why should anyone here take your words over Sony's?

MrVux000245d ago


"Every time you call it a portable. I am gonna report your comment.This is nothing but trolling."

I'm a neutral party in this discussion, but i think you are bit overreacting with that kind of commenting, especially reporting someone's comment that clearly has nothing reportable.

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LP-Eleven245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

You can report him as many times as you want. The Switch can be used as both a handheld and a home console. That is a fact. A home console, "that you can take with you" (essentially, use on the go), is still a portable gaming device.

michellelynn0976245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

A home console you can play as a portable. It is a hybrid, you can repeat a lie all you want, it doesn't make it true, it just makes you wrong.

Mr Marvel245d ago

But the Switch sucks as a console.
On both my 4KTV and regular 1080p TV it looks hideous compared with my PS4 Pro.
Realistically the only way to play a Switch is on the go as that’s where it’s strength lies.

Elda245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

WOW!! SMH. It is a portable gaming console.Plain & simple.

243d ago
LP-Eleven245d ago

The only lie being told is the one you continue to repeat to yourself. You tell people to "get over it", yet, have a hard time with them calling the Switch a portable, in addition to, a home console (both facts). Calling it a "hybrid" doesn't prove either of those descriptions wrong.

LP-Eleven245d ago

Like I said, report away. You aren't putting fear in anyone for having a civil discussion with you, as well as, presenting facts. I trust in N4G's Moderation System to see that.

LP-Eleven245d ago ShowReplies(1)
LP-Eleven245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

I, nor anyone else, made up defintions. Let it go.

Elda245d ago Show
243d ago
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Elda245d ago

Been a PS owner for 4 generations & I've always stated that the Switch would make a nice new addition in my household but I haven't.Personally for me I really have no interest in the Switch software except Bayonetta & Mario that's it.I'm going to wait it out & hopefully I'll see much more games that interest me finally land on the Switch before I purchase one.I will not make that mistake again of buying hardware that basically sits & collect dust.

_-EDMIX-_245d ago


I see me buying this portable for the same reasons I bought the previous. Animal Crossing shin Megami tensei Bravely Default.

243d ago
shuvam09245d ago

Same here...
It's everything I'd imagined...
Phenomenal 1st party, lackluster 3rd party...
With next-gen nearby, 3rd party will be even more scarce...
I love Nintendo games, but not enough desirable ones out there to make me get the Switch...
Don't care about portability...
I'll wait for a year or two before getting one...

instantstupor245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

I confess that I have a PS4, XBO, Switch, PC & Vita. Oh god, what is my punishment? What befits this crime!?

I'm glad that people are getting into the new Nintendo console though. I have a Wii U & got decent enjoyment from it as a secondary console but it obviously had its struggles. Am glad that they'll be able to really focus on game development now that a strong userbase is forming. Hoping for Big N to bust out some more new IPs along the way though!

Fist4achin245d ago

That's what I'm talking about! All the consoles offer great gaming experiences with their exclusive lineups. Now affording all of the consoles whether monetarily or in time is the battle to contend with...

Game on man!