Five Wii U Ports We Want To See On Nintendo Switch

There is no doubting that the Wii U was serious misstep. We have seen Nintendo be very Wii U port heavy for the first 9 months of the Switch’s life. Here are five Wii U Ports we hope to see taken from the ashes of the Wii U and ported over to the Nintendo Switch.

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PhoenixUp250d ago

There should also be GameCube and Wii remasters

grashopper249d ago

I really want to try Mario Maker. Disappointed it hasn't come yet. Wasn't there a wiiu Pikmin too?

eagle21249d ago

There was a rumor Nintendo is actually planning a Mario Maker 2 for Switch. But we will see. Mario Maker is my second favorite game on Wii U after Mario Kart 8. It's awesome!

grashopper248d ago

Would be quite happy if that comes about! It has to eventually right!? Would also love to make traditional Mario levels in the Paper Mario art style. Come on Nintendo!

TheOttomatic91249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Wonderful 101, Smash, Windwaker HD and Mario Maker

InTheZoneAC244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Super Mario 3D World
New Super Mario U
Twilight Princess HD
Wind Waker HD
Paper Mario Color Splash

Then there should be:
Skyward Sword HD (no motion controls)
Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 HD