GamerTM: Wario Land: The Shake Dimension Review

GamerTM writes: "It never fails to amaze us how few 2D games we've had on the Wii so far. With Wii's predominantly 'last-gen' architecture eradicating any expectations of cutting edge graphics and the lack of the third dimension making controlling a game all the easier, you'd be forgiven for wondering why we've not had more Wii-based trips down 2D memory lane. That it would be Wario who Nintendo would turn to when it decided to rectify this is altogether less surprising. With a rock solid formula in sore need of a dusting off in Wario Land, Nintendo had the basis to deliver a compelling, traditionally styled 2D game which offered plenty of scope for Wii Remote tomfoolery – and in Shake Dimension, that's pretty much what we've got."

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