Ubisoft on Loot Boxes: Players "Need to Feel That They are Really Free Not to Buy;" Talks PC & More

Ubisoft explores recurring revenues and PC, confirming that next fiscal year they'll release four major games. No comment on annual Assassin's Creed.

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ziggurcat250d ago

"Ubisoft on Loot Boxes: Players 'Need to Feel That They are Really Free Not to Buy'"

oh really... then why did they put so many things behind a paywall, severely restrict the amount of money you can earn in the game (eliminating the passive method of earning money that has been in just about every single AC game, even targeting legitimate farming spots by reducing the amount of money you earn from certain items), and rig the drop rate of items from the Reda loot boxes at the same time making the loot boxes cost way too much in-game money... all in an attempt to lead people into buying into their MTs?

DarkZane249d ago

They didn't. It's just an argument you people who are against lootboxes and MT uses to get your point across. Games don't require more grind than they did in the past.

Servbot41249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

That's the biggest pile of bull I've ever read on this site, and its flooded with bots spamming crap about making 100000 dollars an hour.

ziggurcat249d ago


Yes, they did.

Helix credits, which you used to be able to gain from missions, are now behind a paywall. Treasure maps, which you used to be able to get from merchants in the game, are now behind a paywall. The amount of money you gain from enemies/looting is so ridiculously low that it takes forever to generate a significant enough amount of drachmas just to be able to purchase or upgrade your weapons - even selling weapons yields you very little compared to the cost of those items if you were to purchase them from a merchant. They removed the ability to gain money passively like they've done in almost every AC game, and with no method of generating a constant influx of money, it makes the grind to get a lot of in-game money a bit more tedious. And there's undeniable proof that they patched the game to *reduce* the amount of money you gained from certain animal pelts (i.e. the ones that gained you the most money - people have said you used to get X amount, but now you only get Y amount).

Regarding the loot boxes: people have done a lot of testing. You have the chance of getting everything that is otherwise only available by purchasing Helix credits, but the drop rates are rigged in such a way that it would take you millions of drachmas to get what you want. Most of the time, you just get a rare/purple item that you can just easily go to a regular merchant to buy. Some have reported spending upwards of 3-5 million drachmas before an item they were looking for was given to them (these were mainly PC users who exploited some bugs to get that much money - it would take you weeks of grinding to gain that much in-game money).

You can still do everything without having to spend any money on these MTs, sure, but it's painfully obvious that they've designed the game in such a way that they're leading you into spending more money.

RadarRider249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

When you say "you people" are you referring to the million of gamers who have been speaking-out/up about the issues that MTs and loot boxes have brought to gaming - Primarily how AAA publishers have been using them? Origins has put aspects of the game behind a paywall and have most definitely slowed down the amount of passive income a player earns while playing the game; just like EA/Madden swiftly downgraded the amount of coin earned when a MUT collection was finished. Publishers realized where the money was and YOU PEOPLE (those who are sucking the tit of MTs) put a negative dent in gaming. Battlefront literally made progression a crapshoot - "Hey you played a round, here is little coin, you earned no gear, thanks for playing." Even after the out-cry, EA decided to reimplement MT's - in large-part because the game did not sell like anticipated (couldn't imagine why) - That coin is used to buy cards in hopes of boosting your character, oh and those same boosts can be purchased with a MT.

While I do not want them to step in, Congress (and other governments from around the globe) are stepping in. Should they worry about more severe issues, absolutely, and the fact that they are taking notice says something - mostly about YOU PEOPLE, and how publisher take advantage of you - which affects US OTHER GAMERS.

agent4532249d ago

Today's games have less free content and grindier.

Dragonscale248d ago

People are against mt's etc for a reason. I don't understand the people who actually support this bullcrap. Yeah including them in ftp games fair enogh, but in full price aaa's its just greed. Ubi's annual financials will attest to that.

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Nyxus250d ago

Hm, I know how they could do that, by not putting them in the game.

AmstradAmiga249d ago ShowReplies(3)
link2Dpast249d ago

Remember the good ole days of playing and unlocking ....ahhhh nostalgia. I remember getting coins in marvelvscapcom2 to unlock everyone, feels bad for you youngings

ConsoleGamer249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Yeah that was a part of gaming that was really important for me. Unlocking characters, skins/ outfits,etc in the old tekkens was so much fun.

agent4532249d ago

Now you have to pay $5.00 or more for it 😝

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