Assassin's Creed Origins Set to Sell Twice as Much as Syndicate

According to Ubisoft's executives, Assassin's Creed Origins is on track to sell twice as much as Assassin's Creed Syndicate during its lifetime.

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Yi-Long273d ago

Seems well deserved. One of the best games of 2017, which in itself is already quite an achievement, cause 2017 was tremendous.

starchild273d ago

I, too, think it is a fantastic game. It doesn't surprise me that it's likely going to double the sales of Syndicate. The gameplay is much better, the world is larger and more interesting, there's more variety, the visuals are more breathtaking, and there's just more content to sink your teeth into. Plus, the series took a two year break which helped people feel more eager for a new one.

Brian7655492273d ago

This kind of supports the argument that releasing games every year isn't always beneficial just for profits. Longer development meant a better product plus it sold better. Win win.

Silly Mammo273d ago

Great game I really enjoyed it. Hopefully, there is an Aya DLC.

Elda273d ago

Loving it! Imo it's the best AC game that I've played so far.

camel_toad273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

I'm quite glad UBI giving the series an extra year break is paying off. Hopefully they decide to stay that path.

stefan_771273d ago

Syndicate is the better game IMO

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