5 Gaming Characters Who Should Just Shut Up

We live in an era of gaming where characters are blessed with a voice. And this can be a definite mixed bag. Sometimes, it takes a classic hero to the next level of familiarity. Other times, it creates a hideous monster, spouting nonsense into your ear at an alarming rate.

You may have heard of these famous examples, but hopefully, you haven't heard much more than that!

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OmnislashVer36402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

Disagree about Tidus, he cried while he was a kid, aside from that he was just as badass as the other guys. And I don't always prefer the edgiest role available.

Also the laugh pretty much everyone gets aside from an annoying troll minority- it's been explained countless times, easy to understand, has some tact, etc.

Also just keeping the edge and not having any development is how we ended up with Noctis. No personality at all aside from looking good and doing band poses. Ooh cheesey banter as well!

DarXyde402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

The list, so you don't have to click through 5 pages (and frankly, you shouldn't):






Fist4achin402d ago

Not tidus. I thought he was great!

Pozzle402d ago

I would've been completely fine with Tidus if he had a slightly older sounding voice. His character was great. The voice though....not so much.