The Potent Mythology That's Shaping Death Stranding

The three trailers we've seen so far of Death Stranding may seem confusing and incoherent, but paying attention to their ties to Japanese mythology reveals a lot about what Kojima is trying to say with the game.

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ArchangelMike248d ago

That was actually a very good article, and has made me more excited for Death Stranding. I just hope it is not too heavy on overly verbose cutscene-exposition, and that the gameplay is solid.

2cents248d ago

Excellent article. What a great read!
I wish we had more of this on N4G.
This is really interesting, I love mythology and folklore tales of the supernatural and superstitions.

It's so interesting how vast a varied they can be, I really cannot wait to experience this game. I'm pretty sure I will be booking time off work just to give this all my attention.

TheOttomatic91248d ago

Excellent article made me see all 3 trailers in a new light, keep up the good work