Nintendo Believes That The Switch Could Sell Beyond The Usual 5-6 Year Console Life Cycle

It's been released mid-generation, and is selling incredibly well - could it eventually outsell the PS4?

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corroios249d ago

it could because it wasnt built with the gold of setting standards in graphics, rez our pushing forward engines, but being portable and being able to connect to the TV.

The other size of the coin it will be more dificult to get 3rd party games, because the gap, power wise, is huge and in 5 or 6 years, damn it will be night and day.

It could outsell the PS4, but again its not the same market. The PS4 isnt portable or hybrid. its a home console.

The mid-generation doesnt apply here. Because Nintendo isnt in the same gen as Microsoft and Sony.

DwightSchrute01248d ago

I guess you don't understand what the term hybrid means, the switch is both portable and home console depending on how the owner wants to use it.
I use it as both a home console and at work as a portable.

The fact that you can play games like doom and soon gta 5 on the go is a good selling point. Not to forget the highest rated exclusives are only on the switch.

So it's totally in the same market as the ps4.

sizeofyou248d ago

Is GTA5 confirmed? I thought it was unsubstantiated rumour?

corroios248d ago

Dude, doom Was a Huge flop in sales in switch. Gta5 isnt confirmed and by the Way the where is the Red dead 2?

Nintendo exclusives sell big, but it lacks 3rd party games

AizenSosuke249d ago

Excellent Nintendo keep pushing your limits

Elronza248d ago

If Nintendo makes a more powerful 4k capable dock, I can see the Switch running a distance marathon.

Brian7655492248d ago

They will revise the hardware at least once.

Leeroyw248d ago

I have a Switch. I love it.
But this. This is not gonna happen.
Already skyrim stutters on handheld mode.

milkshake2248d ago

I could see a remodel down the road. A switch lite or something.

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The story is too old to be commented.