The new ‘Super Mario’ movie is a terrible idea

Someone at Nintendo thought it would be a good idea to make an animated Super Mario feature film. It's not.

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UltraNova344d ago

If Nintendo made a deal with the dollar-printing Pixar to produce a Mario animated picture, I could guarantee that it would pass the box office billion mark in a month. Anything else is up for debate.

X-Alchemist343d ago

Pixar would have been a far better choice and fits the Nintendo aesthetic pretty well. They're masters of storytelling and their animation is far better than any other studio. Illumination is pretty underwhelming to me, I ain't a fan of any of any their films but the whole world seems to be. I'll be shocked if it doesn't suck though.

Tazzy343d ago

Illumination is on board its going to be a huge hit and its going to make both companies a ton of money.

Godmars290343d ago

Well, its not being made for you. Or me for that matter.