Guerrilla Games Wins Writers Guild Award For Outstanding Writing

GG : “Honored to have won outstanding achievement in videogame writing.

ArchangelMike2049d ago

Congrats guys. You well deserved it. I loved how the story of the 'old world' was told, and I was just as interested in the characters in the back story, who were trying desperately to stay alive and out run the war. I wonder how a prequel game set during that apocalypse would play. I'd definitely buy it though :))

robtion2048d ago

Yep it was a clever story in many ways. I really liked the justification for something as absurd as robot dinosaurs running around. They actually came up with a reasonable and kind of touching reason for it. Really cool.

UCForce2048d ago

And this is where GG fixed their flaw. It’s story telling and they done it right in Horizon Zero Dawn.

S2Killinit2048d ago

It was really a good story and one with a really profound message.

PowerOfTheCloud2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )


This! Even though i was excited for the game from day one, i was worrying about how the f they would justify the existence of robot animals taking over the world.

sampsonon2047d ago

@UCForce: "And this is where GG fixed their flaw"

flaw? i really enjoyed Shadow Fall's story even though Horizon has a better one. i would hardly call it a flaw though.

madforaday2047d ago


Killzone 2 SP was another great SP story as well. I still think it is one of their best games they ever made! GG was never a top notch story teller, but it was never their flaw either.

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Razzer2048d ago

Absolutely deserved it. Great job!

MasterCornholio2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

"Layden mentioned that at SCE Worldwide Studios there is a lot of “devotion and love” for storytelling, and narrative, what people call “single player games.” Sony has most of its eggs in that basket because — according to Layden’s opinion — “that’s the thing they do well.” "

So true.

Congratulations GG.

Single Player games are not complicated. They just need passionate developers behind them.

UCForce2048d ago

I hope Sony will continue to do that. I always love Single Player games.

madforaday2047d ago

Gaming is a very simple concept but for some reason, this generation and last generation, developers are trying to sell us on different things. All we want are games, MP or SP, to have a lot of content in it with great game play features and mechanics. We don't even NEED a great story, but a great story is a cherry on top that will add to everything else the game offers.

If Horizon Zero Dawn had an average video game story, the game would still sell great solely because of the combat and game play. If the game had a great story but with average combat and game play, the game won't even be looked at let alone being played with.

opinionated2048d ago

Couldn’t get into Horizon but I like the developer. They seem like a cool group and I can see the reasoning behind what they did. I might give another go someday with fresh eyes, backlog mountain.

LOGICWINS2048d ago

I bought Horizon, sold it, then bought it again when the Complete Edition came out. I like it a LOT more the second time around.

To fully enjoy the game you need to experiment with the weapons/inventory system.

madforaday2047d ago

I was getting bored half way into the game (the story kept on pushing me to wanting to know everything). I also, never touched my weapons and had the same ones throughout my adventure. I started playing around with new weapons and bought some new ones. I farmed for better gear, that helped me out so much in that department. I was only skin deep with the combat.

UCForce2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

I see. Well, GG did developed this game since they shipped Killzone 3. Like what ? Almost 6 years. Besides, The game have created a new community.

Eonjay2048d ago

What got me was the battle system. I did enjoy the story too but God the gameplay was awesome.

S2Killinit2048d ago

You beat me to it. Really cool/fun gameplay. It had been a long time since i thoroughly enjoyed the fighting gameplay of a game to this extent

pody2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

It's sooo good! Talk about nailing it perfectly. (no pun)

sampsonon2047d ago

i don't understand why people would give you a thumbs down for your comment. the first few hrs of the game are a little slow, even though i loved all of it, so i can see how some may not like it as much if they don't get to the core part of the story.
my advise would be to get to about the 15 hr mark for the story to start getting more interesting and play the game on a setting that makes it difficult when fighting because I've noticed while watching others playing it that if you play it where it's easy it can become less challenging. you need to challenge yourself and in turn the ride will simply be amazing.

opinionated2047d ago

People downvote everything I say lol. They hate my guts here, it’s not what I said, it’s personal to them.

Yeah, that’s what I ran into. It was just really slow and I have way too many games to force myself through something. I will give it another try one day, for sure.

sampsonon2047d ago

@opinionated: yeah, just play the main quest and do like said and it will get you up to the point where the story really gets moving. some incredible moments in this game that you will never experience in any other game.

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