Horizon: Zero Dawn Would Be Weird as Hell With Co-op

Sometimes the brightest dawns are seen alone.

Some games are just meant to be single player, and Horizon: Zero Dawn is a prime example

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ninsigma344d ago

Yeah I hope the sequel doesn't have it if it means reducing the SP experience like they said it would for the first.

DialgaMarine344d ago

It would feel like Monster Hunter. Not necessarily bad, but taking down the larger machine would feel a lot less complex and strategic, but instead just constantly hitting them wherever until they die. Kind of kills a huge part of the game imo.

franwex344d ago

I was thinking that it would be like MH too. But since it got scrapped early on I'm sure they would've figured out a way of making it interesting or fun as a co-op.

KyRo344d ago

I'm surprised this has just come to fruition recently. There was a demo of HZD on YouTube with two players on screen although the very early in development. I think the game personally screams having a coop mode. It would be brilliant not that it's not, but it would be a great addition to the game of they could keep most of the gameplay the same without to much sacrifice.

cd1344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Keep the campaign SP, co-op missions bonus game that opens at rank 50.

Pandamobile344d ago

That's a great way to spend millions of dollars on something that 2% of your player base will actually get to.

Mista2018343d ago

Only 2% of gamers enjoy playing online?

Pandamobile343d ago

I meant that gating co-op missions behind beating the single player content is a bad idea. Everyone loves co-op.

cd1343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

I just mean you would then play the story as its meant to be told then once done you get to tit around with your mates on co-op. I didn't necessarily mean rank 50, maybe more just finish the SP first or something.

I just think if you could fight any of the machines from the very start in co-op it would ruin the surprise of meeting them later down the line in the story.

Pandamobile342d ago

"it would ruin the surprise of meeting them later down the line in the story"

Fair enough.

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