How Sega Channel Set the Standard For On-Demand Gaming – Way Back In the 90’s

These days, on-demand gaming is a huge thing with players. Xbox Game Pass, for instance, offers a phenomenal value for $9.99, which is only going to get better with day-one game releases joining the service. And Sony still has a decent thing going with its cloud-based PlayStation Now, even though its pricing could use a little bit of adjustment. There’s also word that Google may be joining the fray with its own service.

However, well before any of these services were around, there was…the Sega Channel! Yep, long ago, before anyone even heard of the word “broadband” or “MOBA”, Sega teamed up with cable companies across the U.S. to offer its own on-demand gaming service – and for several years, it thrived.

So how did a service that got its start in the 90’s pave the way for what gamers see in on-demand gaming today?

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PurpHerbison275d ago

Sega Channel blew my mind when I was a kid.

choujij267d ago

Sega were always ahead of their time.