The mystery of Sony's 'unannounced' TGS games

PS3Fanboy writes, "Remember all of those unannounced TGS games? That's a rhetorical question. We know full well that you remember them, because many of you won't stop harping on about them in our comments section. Let's get one thing clear, in releasing that press release Sony was revealing a portion of its TGS show floor offerings. The rest were left as a surprise. They were "unannounced." "

According to them the list is:
White Knight Chronicles (PS3)
Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Spec III (PS3)
Killzone 2 (PS3)
Demon's Souls (PS3)
Yakuza 3 (PS3)
Winning Eleven 2009 (PS3)
Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires (PS3)
Metal Gear Online (PS3)
Quantum Theory (PS3)
Flower (PS3)
Spelunker (PS3)

Check the rest through the link...

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tocrazed4you3684d ago

They pulled announcing those games, like they did with team ico game which was rumored to be pulled out by sony at the last minute. The question is why...

mikeslemonade3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Why? Go look at the list of games coming out Spring of 09 for PS3. Also White Knight Story is coming out in Japan in December and I guess Sony doesn't want to steal Level-5s thunder. After all Level-5 is making an exclusive game.

Also I rather have Quantam Theory instead of 99 nights 2.

Snukadaman_3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Bottom line..your enticing the japanese public to your console...a game from Team ico would no doubt bring some heat...but nothing was dont even have a playable demo for white knight chronicles....most people would call this a sign of weakness..I am. Sony absolutely squandered their chance to bring some excitement to the ps3 for this TGS.

shingo3683d ago

Delay-friendly. That's always SONY. Grrrr.

kevanio093683d ago

Im sure you would rather have quantum theory rather 99 nights 2, but we also get gears of war 2, so we don't have to compromise.

mfwahwah3683d ago

You're complaining about Sony delaying announcements? Announcements they never said they would make (errors in translation ftl)?

Any games that weren't announced that may have been are either not fit for showing yet, or not coming out for a loooong time. In those cases, we have nothing to complain about. We'd be sitting here typing "When is _____ coming out!?" until next TGS.

gaffyh3683d ago

Why doesn't someone just directly ask Kaz Hirai???

All the review sites are in Japan, he is right there, ASK HIM DAMNIT!!!!

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kittoo3684d ago

They did an absolutely stupid thing here. Saying 'unannounced' in gaming world means only one thing- new games which aren't shown anywhere before. I have no idea what they were thinking. I feel SCEJ is absolutely stupid cause they aren't making any games (or are just pure reluctant to show), and on top of that, they create hype themselves only to be cried foul over themselves later on.

tocrazed4you3684d ago

They have a trouble of hyping it up than underwhelming when what they already announced is great. Just makes them look worse.

Peekay3684d ago

but there's always 2 sides to a story and for all we know it could have just been a mistranslation between SCEJ and journalists.

Overr8ed3684d ago

you speak the truth, but there is no mention of a Team ICO game =0

Xelai3684d ago

It is the way Sony likes doing things, promise big, get people excited, and then well, sometimes it hits big and others is just marketing with no real substance.

juuken3684d ago

Yeah, it was just stupid. I wanted to know about Team ICO's new game as well.
Dammit Sony, why?

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dan881233684d ago

I thoght they would announce at least one big game like the team ico's game or kingdom of the hearts.

TheColbertinator3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Thats correct.That list is the exact "unannounced" games that were to be shown.I blame Sony and Microsoft fanboys who twisted the words of the Kaz Hirai interview and thought they were going to be 11 new games.

No games were pulled since the Team Ico game was not even expected to be shown,and the Cellius games are most likely cancelled.

The rumors about KHIII on the PS3 were false. -1 point from OPM

The rumors about Skies of Arcadia 2 were wrong -1 point from EGM

The rumors about the "secret game" were false. -1 point from OPM

The rumors about NCsoft PS3 games was false -1 point from Massively

Worst TGS I have ever seen and thats not easy to live with

@MS Bribing

I would respond to you but it doesn't matter since your user name explains your not a reasonable person.


Many websites rumored that the NCsoft games would show up at TGS.They were wrong about that.Also NCsoft didn't make a 5 game deal with Sony,its only two games

MS Bribing3684d ago

False about what? Showing at TGS?

xhi43684d ago

about the NCsoft games for the PS3, they have 5 PS3 games under development, they just weren't announced at TGS which ones they'll be.

Relcom3684d ago

great post Colbert, +1

Jamegohanssj53684d ago

Oh nice I can't wait to get news about these "New" games. I wonder what Killzone 2 is about? Same for Grand Turismo 5 and Metal Gear Online. I can't wait for these to release.

End Sarcasm.

Twisted words suck.


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