9.3 FIFA 09 Review

The FIFA franchise is one of the most popular sports games franchises in the world. Last year EA Sports finally decided to give a fight to Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer franchise and had a big success. When it was time to release the 2009 version of the game I was wondering what could be done to make the game a better experience than last year's.

FIFA 09 comes with several improvements. Some are major and some are minor but overall, the changes made the game better and even more kick ass than the previous one.

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jromao3754d ago

Reviewer says FIFA is best game out there (...but didn't try PES yet...) !?!?!

More garbage, with reviews like this one people start losing trust left.

badz1493754d ago

yeah I played both, FIFA feels a lot better than PES. it feels fresh and I also think that this is the best FIFA iteration ever made and yes it plays better than PES! FIFA 09 feels less arcadey compared to PES and more tactical plays are made possible with the new tweaks of the passes, shooting and through ball plus, the controls are spot on! With PES, you'll get to play the usual PES like they've not done anything from last year's(or maybe the year before and before) version bar some graphical improvements.

FIFA is constantly improving every year and PES still stays the same over many years. since last year, FIFA wins over PES hands down!

Harry1903754d ago

One more day till it ships in NA and we get some lame ass cover without Mr Fantastic Wayne Rooney. Dammit,I should have imported.

Pro Evo next month too.