Star Citizen Gets New Videos About Ship Combat and Weapons; Crowdfunding Passes 178 MIllion Dollars

Cloud Imperium Games details weapon balancing and ship combat in two extensive videos about the upcoming space simulator Star Citizen.

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pandehz250d ago

Im beginning to understand what this game is all about. Its a player run economy where people buy ships so that they can see trailers of those ships.

249d ago
Aither249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

All of these videos are the same, the developers talk into a camera for hours while showing glimpses of development tools and "gameplay" footage. The developers then say "Look at how good we are at keeping all your money, aren't we the best!? Just a bit more money and we can show another glimpse of this space simulator."

Honestly, how can anyone take these developers seriously anymore. Star Citizen is even more disappointing than Everquest Next.

coolastheycome249d ago

Is this game going to ever come out? Lmao