I'm A Big Fan But I'm Concerned About Kingdom Hearts 3

Chris from BagoGames writes: "Kingdom Hearts 3 has seemed like an elusive game that, like Aqua, has been kept away in the Realm of Darkness for years and years. However, the final entry of the Dark Seeker Saga coalesces everything in the Kingdom Hearts series so far, and that is what I think might be its downfall."

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ULTp0ltergeist250d ago

Meh, the series is only relevant because of outspoken fans. It will launch and receive a meager success otherwise Square Enix would have put tons of support behind it. What else projects are they working on?

Snookies12249d ago

I'll take some of what you're smoking please, lol.

ULTp0ltergeist249d ago

Sure, it's Truth strain. A GSC phenotype. Enjoy!

Cyborgg249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

What are you on?

OmnislashVer36249d ago

Oh please the game is looking epic and having everything everyone loved about all of the other titles as well. Probably the single most advanced ARPG system in history, amazing art style and graphics, innovative features, and is welcoming to all ages.

I'm not concerned at all.

lockedongamer1249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Don't you think having everything everyone loved about all of the other titles is something to be worried about though? It's getting whacky.

Snookies12249d ago

Saying it's getting whacky, when you don't even know how the story puts this all together yet... A little premature there buddy.

NecrumOddBoy249d ago

I think the biggest issue is the story of Kingdom Hearts is so far off the rails into WTF-Land that I am worried how they are going to bring it back to some form of comprehensive status.

Gameplay in these trailers looks outstanding. I hate Toy Sora but the Monsters versions look super cool.

FallenAngel1984249d ago

Trust me no matter how overpowered Sora may appear in these trailers, there will be numerous secret bosses that will still kick your teeth in. It’s a Square Enix tradition

raWfodog248d ago

I hope they still have a Sephiroth optional boss fight.

munchmiller249d ago

Well, we have SquareEnix at the helm. If that isn't reason enough to worry, I really don't know what is.

2BlackBelt249d ago


ninsigma249d ago

Not exactly worried, I think it's going to be a blast play. For me, I'm not a huge fan of the overall art aesthetic, Rikus character model and the Disney theme park ride summon thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.