Square Enix and Xenogears' Original Artists Celebrate 20th Anniversary with Figures and Artwork

Today is the 20th anniversary of the old and glorious JRPG Xenogears, and Square Enix has goodies in store alongside the original artists.

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FallenAngel1984302d ago

You’d think Square Enix would just digitally rerelease the game on PS4 like they did with FFVII, FFIX, & SO3

CrimsonWing69302d ago

Seriously, I’m with you.

If you’re all about celebrating Xenogears’ 20th anniversary why not give us fans something instead of teasing us with art and figures.

It’s insulting that you’d acknowledge the IP’s and yet there’s no re-release or a remake. That would be a way to pay tribute to what was one of the best RPGs I had ever played back in the day.

In fact that PS1 era was the golden age for JRPGs, nothing like them after that.

Bahamut302d ago

That would be great, but a full-blown remaster would be even better. I'd like to see the team that made Bravely Default (and Octopath Traveler, currently) work on a Xenogears remaster. But maybe that's just me :/

Godmars290302d ago

Really want to imagine what a SD era game looks like on a system that semi-supports 4k? The 360 and PS3 chasing after the HD dragon pissed me off to no end yet even I don't want to see that.

A Xenogears remake using the Octopath Traveler game engine on the other hand...

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Fist4achin302d ago

Maybe an announcement coming for a remaster?! One can hope right...

BlahBlahWhatever302d ago

Xenogears is a MASTERPIECE & deserve a remake/remaster more than any other game out there, I really hope SE acknowledge this & decide to give to fans what they want, also if they decide to go ahead with this they can always add more content to the 2nd CD that was mostly text & felt kind of unfinished, no better chance to fix that than during the remaster process, fans will never stop dreaming that this will someday happen because we love this game so much that we wish for this to happen with all our heart.