Eurogamer: LittleBigPlanet Review

Eurogamer writes: "It was the little game with big ideas. A compact, cute PS3 platform game from a tiny indie studio that wanted the world to muck in with its making, using level and object creation tools. But with time (and not very much of it at that), LittleBigPlanet became a very big game indeed.

It took off, like one of its own rocket-propelled skateboards. It became the poster-child for a new generation of gaming; commentators and Sony executives showered it in buzzwords, talking up connected communities creating constellations of content, portraying LittleBigPlanet as Spore in skate pants."

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TheExecutive3658d ago

Generation defining game confirmed. MM deserves all of the praise they are receiving. I cant wait to get my hands on this game.

theKiller3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

there will be 100+ perfect reviews "10/10" for littlebigplaneth little hyping from sony!!
the whole world will go crazy about it and specially the casuals and artists, it can be hard core too!!

its the mario of this gen, and its the youtube of gaming!!

faisdotal3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Yeah, this game is truly an innovative game. I am so thankful that Phil Harrison saw the vision that the developers had, and actually made a game that people will remember for years and years.

I was expecting a bad review from them aswell. Atleast it shows they're not all so biased at Eurogamer.

The gaming GOD3658d ago

I wouldn't be to sure they are unbiased all of a sudden.

Some games are just too big that you don't want to be the one to give them a low score because you risk being blacklisted

Two examples are halo 3 and gta 4. Neither game deserved all the 10's they got. But at the same time they are major games. And nobody wanted to be they guy that "gave the perfect game" an 8 or less

In other words, whether they are biased or not, Eurogamer had no choice but to give the game at least a 9

popup3658d ago

I thought N4G was renowned as being a fanboy site but you should read the comments on Eurogamer and see what childish twats hang out there!

Fairly good review, I give the reviewer 8/10 for his reviewing skills (not bad but he still needs work).

faisdotal3658d ago

I am not saying they're unbiased all of a sudden, it's just one of the few selected title reviews that i actually agree with Eurogamer. I agreed with the 8/10 (Yes re-read that if you're unsure what just wrote XD) but me disagreeing with Eurogamer reviews has kind of been a norm for me.

They didn't let me down this time.

GametimeUK3658d ago

It would be pwned on the metric BUT its still on top because it has little reviews... Its easier for a game to maintain a great metric score when it has little reviews... SMG was ABOVE OOT when they had the same amount of reviews

Peekay3658d ago

yeah the fanboys @ Eurogamer are going nuts! n4g looks very tame in comparison!

Muddyalcapones3658d ago

the guy was kind of harsh at the end.... I hated the train wreck of an easy-boring game that was spore so it bothers me that this was compared to it, but hopefully Eurogamer just sucked at creating and it wont be such a hassle for most people

mikeslemonade3658d ago

Oh give me a break! We cannot accept this score it should be at least a 9.5. Screw Eurogamer they are completely useless after they canceled the Game Theory podcast.

faisdotal3658d ago

btw when i said agreed with the 8/10 i was talking about MGS4. bloody typo's.

juuken3658d ago

It sure does. I'm surprised Eurogamer gave this a 9 but it deserves all the attention.
Can't wait for this game.

Karum3657d ago

Wow you're not kidding, some of the comments over there make some of the fanboy comments on this site look like well thought out logical opinions lol.

marinelife93656d ago

Every other Eurogamer site review gave the game a perfect 10. Yet this Eurogamer rates it a full point less than all the others?

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eric1003658d ago

However LBP has got 10/10 from 5 websites already

will be well over 50-80 when all is said and done

theKiller3658d ago

on ps3 exclusives, what else can they say?? 360 need 2 price cuts to keep up with ps3

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Let me see now -

Eurogamer will give -
Gears of War 2 10/10
Fable 2 10/10
Banjo 10/10
New???xBox LIVE 10/10

Hmm i wonder why??? :-/

Eurogamer will give -
LBP 9/10
R2 7/10
MotorStorm 2 6/10
HOME 2/10

+I Don't give a Flying-F**K what they or any other site thinks anyway!!! ;-D
I make my OWN mind up!!!;)
I'm HAPPY!!!;) Because i will be Playing this in 2 weeks time!!! ;-P

LBP = 10/10;)
PS3 = 10/10;)
SONY = 10/10;)
PS3 Fans = 10/10;)

xBox 360 = 0/10
Micro$oft = 0/10
xBot Zombies = 0/10!!! ;-D

sunnygrg3658d ago

Sir Ken,

I didnt see the sackboy waving beside you. A gift from Media Molecule?

And you mention an extremely valid point. But, you forgot Gametrailers. GT didnt have the guts to give MGS4 (one of the best games this gen) a perfect 10. I bet LBP will get an 8 or at most a 9 from them.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3657d ago

One minute i had my normal Avatar, then the next minute Sack-boy was there!!! ;-D
He's a Cheeky little Boy erm Sack thingy;)

Well i can't believe 'EURO'M$'GAMER' gave 'Halo 3' 10/10???, but then gave 'MGS4 8/10'??? + Now 'LBP 9/10'??? WTF????????????
Makes me SAD :-(
LBP really is AMAZING!!! ;-P

+If 'Gametrailers' give LBP less than 9/10(SHOULD be a 10) then i'm NEVER EVER going on that site to watch any Videos :-/

rawd3657d ago

Gameplay magazine - 9.5/10
ITavisen magazine 6 / 6
Maxi Consolas 10 / 10
4Players 92 / 100
Playstadium 10 / 10
VG 6 / 6
GOONL!NE 10 / 10
IGN AU 9.2 / 10
IGN 9.5 / 10
aftonbladet 5 / 5
Dagbladet 6 / 6
Verdens Gang 6 / 6
Elite Gamer 10 / 10
Evereye Italia 10 / 10
Eurogamer 9 / 10
Meristation 9.5 / 10
HardGame2 10 / 10 9 / 10
Gamereactor 10 / 10
Pelaaja Finland 10 / 10
Playstation Official Mag UK 10 / 10

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Jamegohanssj53658d ago

ZOINKS! Am I seeing this right?


Panthers3658d ago

This could topple Ocarina of Time! Not saying it will, but it could. It is getting all the right reviews and press.

thor3658d ago

It won't topple Ocarina of Time. Reason being that just statistically, there are those sites which rate games by starting at 10 and taking points off for their flaws, there are those people who won't love the game as much as others, there are the haters out there that will cause many 9/10s. 8/10 might happen but it would probably be the lowest. Ocarina of time only had a few reviews on the metacritic score - to get mostly 10/10s with a few reviews is easier than mostly 10/10s with 70 reviews.

mfwahwah3657d ago

I don't see why it even matters.

OuterHaven3658d ago

First give MGS4 and 8 now LBP is a 9, not that thats bad but still, if it was on 360 or 360 exclusive it would be given an 11

kratos-i-am3658d ago

Yeah hard to believe they gave Halo 3 a 10 and this a 9! Obviously Xbox fanboys, but it's strange considering they are Brighton based. Isn't the PS3 more popular in Europe?

TheSadTruth3658d ago

This may sound strange, but maybe they give review scores based on the game and not which console it is on? Maybe that actually like GTA 4 and Halo 3?

kratos-i-am3658d ago

Well your right it's not about the console but the thing is i've played GeOW, Halo 3, GTA IV (on Xbox mind you) + the LBP Beta and the comments he makes are unfounded: "within the simple, logical and fast Popit interface, and accompanied by an exhaustive suite of tutorials narrated by an avuncular Stephen Fry. And yet, it's still really quite hard to make things."

WTF! level creation is super easy? The Xbox games I just listed really aren't that great besides the multiplayer? The thing is they have their fair share of faults aswell, yet they get perfect scores from this site!

tocrazed4you3658d ago

This is from eurogamer a 9 is a pretty high score from them especially for a ps3 exclusive