Final Fantasy XIV's Forbidden Land of Eureka Brings Back Nostalgic Final Fantasy XI Elements

Final Fantasy XIV's update 4.25 will bring a brand new area named "The Forbidden Land of Eureka" with brand new mechanics, and some nostalgic elements.

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jukins341d ago

It was brutal yet amazing. Ok at about 10 years of my life to that game. Made a ton of friends that I actual traveled around the world to see. Kinda miss it but it's changed to much from when I stopped playing and it's still going strong

NapalmSanctuary341d ago

Yeah man. When you have parties of two level 10s owning Valkrum dunes, you know its gotten way too easy. I miss the earlier days of FFXI when it was still dangerous and exciting.

NapalmSanctuary341d ago

Did they bring back the combat system, cause that was the good part of FFXI.