It’s Time for a GTA Online Grind Overhaul

NerdBite: "The grind in Grand Theft Auto Online is substantial, as the cost of living—and thriving—in the Grand Theft Auto world is more exorbitant than anyone could have anticipated. Without criticism or judgment, the grind is one of the most highly discussed factors of Grand Theft Auto Online, and the reason being the effort-to-payout ratio is rather underwhelming for players who aren’t already well-established in the online community."

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A2X_1261d ago

It's time for GTA Online to die.

porkChop1261d ago

I hope that the economy in RDR2 will be better, and more fair. But I know it won't be. Rockstar and Take Two have made too much money on Shark Cards to just walk away from that model.

Profchaos1261d ago

I was a huge GTA fan but never looked online I hate that single player DLC never released.

Unfortunately Rockstar knows that GTA Online is a cash cow is still at the top of the sales charts 5 years after launch they won't let it go quietly into the night and they don't intend on making it less grindy for newbies other wise they couldn't sell shark cards.

I hate online because of the excessive divide and the community doesn't do it any favours every time you get thrown into free mode there's always someone activity trying to hunt ask the other players on the map down

holdmyown831261d ago

FOH You literally said one thing at the beginning and then changed at the end.

Iceball20001261d ago

Surprised GTA online isn’t free to play by now.

quent1261d ago

BR Mode incoming in 3..2..1

1261d ago