Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition looks beautiful but at what cost?

So how does Final Fantasy 15 run on PC, based on the recently released benchmark? What do the GameWorks features actually do and how much performance do you lose by using them? And what kind of 1080p frame-rates can you get from GTX 1060 and RX 580?

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Cobra951248d ago

From what I saw here, I don't want hairworks, even though I have a 1060. It looks like high settings without the 'works is the way to go, but it takes a hack to make that happen? I'll be keeping an eye on all this.

SegaGamer248d ago

Some games give you the option to turn hairworks off, i'm really hoping there is a setting in this game to let us do that when it's released. On my 1060, i was averaging under 60fps on high settings with this benchmark test, with hairworks turned off, i will easily be able to average 60fps at high settings.

248d ago
AspiringProGenji248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

PC version won’t fix the major issues with this game. It looks like nothing but a polished turd after playing persona 5 to me.


Jaypi03241d ago

Really though? They're two different art styles how can you even compare? One of persona's biggest strengths was the art direction, not the raw graphics fidelity.

_-EDMIX-_248d ago

Probably the cost of a computer....

GameBoyColor248d ago

The cost of gimpworks going to town on everybody's builds lol

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