Games32: Pure Review

Games32 writes: "Developed by Black Rock Studio, Pure is an arcade off-road racing game with an incredible graphics engine that takes ATV races to another level by exaggerating the natural human limits. The game has been remarked from the beginning as an outrageous stunt action game that features different types of races that encourages the player to perform crazy stunts, most of the moves defying the laws of gravity and other scientific stats. From the first look, you can feel a similarity with ATV Offroad Fury franchise, mainly because Black Rock Studios was formerly known as Climax Racing, developers of the Moto GP and ATV Offroad Fury franchises.

Pure is glamorous and expensive, featuring an amazing graphics engine that allows the game to look the same both in XBOX 360 and PS 3 consoles. A huge result, I assume, taking in consideration the big hardware differences between both consoles. The PC version (tested in this article) has some different perspectives in terms of graphics, being much more modular, but in some cases looking not so flashy as the other two versions. Somehow on the way the photo-realistic approach has been lost, especially because of the post-processing shadows effects that displays somehow awkward many of the scenes. On the other hand the lighting effects are top of the line, along with other visual details such as moving grass, smoking exhaust pipes, and deformable track surfaces."

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