A new Tom Clancy adventure can be enjoyed on Xbox One due to Back Compat – Is it worth the return?

Carlos writes: "Xbox Backwards Compatibility has shown a strong start to 2018 with a number of top titles being made available to play on Xbox One, but whilst this week doesn’t bring quite as many new arrivals as the past few weeks, there is still one addition for us to get stuck into once more... and it’s one that’s sure to prove a popular addition."

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Frinker341d ago

god bless backwards compatability

TheSplooge341d ago

And thank god we dont have to pay for it.

341d ago
Gman32341d ago

yeah Microsoft get points for that

TheOttomatic91341d ago

I’m still waiting for Blacklist

PlayStation_5341d ago

Don't confuse the Xbox gamers. They have enough problems to deal with... : P'

Mister_Wolf341d ago

I AM an Xbox gamer aswell as other systems lol.

TheRealHeisenberg341d ago

No confusion at all. Just another game added to the list if anyone gets nostalgic.

Vectrexer341d ago

Are we confused? We get games that we've been enjoyed before at no cost to us!

C-H-E-F341d ago

"new"? an "old" Tom Clancy Adventure can be enjoyed on xbox one due to back capat is worth the return"


zerocarnage341d ago

Yes, I loved conviction the co op was ace.

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The story is too old to be commented.