New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer With English Subtitles & English Theme Song by Utada Hikaru Revealed

Following the release of the Japanese version of the new Kingdom Hearts III trailer just a few minutes ago, Square Enix followed up with the English version of the trailer, and the English song "Don't Think Twice."

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TheGamez100251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

Wow....sounds very beautiful....great to hear Utada again. A different feel to it than the last 2 themes. Also Riku!!!...looks like Noctis lol.

blackblades251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

Heard her new album and yeah this song feel much different then the previous khs. Riku looks shorter and darker hair or its just me. Also to note amazing how japanese artist can sing japanese and english. Wonder if Americans cam do the same.

Snookies12251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

I mean, she grew up in America, right? Makes sense that she'd have a great English cover for her own song.

-Foxtrot251d ago

"Also to note amazing how japanese artist can sing japanese and english"

That's where Final Fantasy got lazy in my opinion....everytime they did an English song they either got a brand new one or a cover of an old song

audiocafe251d ago

@Snookies12 yeah I believe she was born in the states and grew up there for a bit. Probably had a lot of exposure to both languages as she was growing up.

BlaqMagiq1250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

Utada released an entire album in English back in 2009 I believe. Her English was so fluent that if you didn't know it was her you would've thought she was just another singer on the radio.

Sonyslave3250d ago

Utada is american lol who happen to be japanese decent so no shocker if she can speak English and Japanese.

blackblades250d ago

Didn't know she was American, know wonder she sing both so good. Thanks for the knowledge.

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DarkOcelet251d ago

This game is gonna be glorious. I can't wait to hear the ost from Yoko Shimomura.

xPaYDaYx251d ago

Who the fuck would downvote this lol?

DarXyde251d ago

Sour children. Trolls. UN-AMURIKAN SCUM.

Yoko does God's work.

coxepat251d ago

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_-EDMIX-_250d ago

Lol relax. I can't wait for this game to come out but everybody's entitled to their own opinion I think people need to start understanding that as opposed to getting offended because someone thinks differently.

I like this game and that's a day one for me, but I'm 100% okay with somebody thinking differently.

That's ok.

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PhoenixUp251d ago

The song that will inspire a new breed of AMVs has arisen

Yi-Long251d ago

Really hoping we'll get the option to play this game with the Japanese voices (and music), and English subs.

xPaYDaYx251d ago

I'm willing to bet we will. Considering most Square Enix games as of late have had free JP audio for download. I for one will play the game in English and then play it again in Japanese. I grew up listening/playing KH in English and I don't plan on changing that now. That being said, this song sounds incredible in Japanese.

Sevir251d ago

The Voice actors are pretty damn good for KH, so I'm quite content with playing in English.

Abriael251d ago

That is probably incorrect.

It appears to be speculation from a single Japanese twitter user who pretty much thought "they didn't announce it here, it must be at E3."

He's the only one who mentions E3, and he doesn't appear to have been in attendance at the event from his timeline. I asked a couple of people that were, and they could not confirm it (they don't remember any release date talk at all), and the Japanese press does not make a single mention of E3. Everyone else who talks about it on the internet, all cite this tweet.

If they actually mentioned E3, you can be sure it'd be all over the Japanese press, and it's very uncharacteristic for E3 to be mentioned at this kind of E3 in Japan, so I'd take that with a *massive* grain of salt until SE confirms or denies.

Sevir251d ago

If they're planning on getting it out this year, then well the latest they can announce it would be at Gamescon... which was where the release date for FF15 came from in 2016

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