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Shadow of the Colossus was a work of art in 2005 when it first saw release for the PlayStation 2, and the title now exemplifies its status as a timeless masterpiece with the recent PS4 release.

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killswitch801216d ago

one of the most overrated games ever

Timesplitter141216d ago

guards, escort this man to the dungeons

1216d ago
AsunaYuukiTheFlash1216d ago

One of the most overrated gamer ever “in my opinion”.

There I fixed it for you.

Armaggedon1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Don't do that. If it is an opinion, it is what it is. I dont care for people expecting you to appease them by having to say, "In my humble opinion" after everything that is stated.

Elda1216d ago

Your comment is underwhelming.

Evolve1216d ago

Like your opinion matters -_-

Xerneas1216d ago

Or yours for that matter.

bluefox7551216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Just because your opinion doesn't line up with everyone else's, doesn't mean something is "overrated".

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AspiringProGenji1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

There are many games you can troll with that comment, but this game isn’t one of them.


1216d ago
AspiringProGenji1216d ago

- Unique; one of a kind experience
- Boss fights
- Puzzles
- No handholding. Use your brain
- Freedom
- AGRO!!!

DarXyde1216d ago

I'll never understand the appeal of games like Halo, but there appears to be an overwhelming consensus that I'm lost; critics love it, players love it, yet I just hate it. Doesn't mean I'm wrong, but it doesn't mean I'm right. We're all allowed to like whatever want.

Here's the thing though: you're wrong. I don't find Halo reviews to throw out trolling, incendiary remarks. You came into a review article that praises a game to do just that.

Grow up.

Dragonscale1216d ago

Fair enough, its not for everyone but just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's overrated. The game was well received overall with generally great reviews tbh.

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1216d ago

Looks like I’m gunna have to buy this game a 3rd time. Would be nice if Sony gave a discount to people who own the digital PS3 version like myself.

Darkwatchman1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I own the ps2 original and the PS3 hd collection physically. I still happily got the special edition of this game on ps4 because it is a rare work of art that deserves all the money it can get.


So you would turn down a discount because the game is a work of art in your opinion?

SilverDemon1216d ago

Dude, its 40$. Basically EVERYONE got a discount


I’ve bought this game twice at full price so it’s more than $40. At this point. Nothing wrong with a company showing loyalty customers some love. I don’t get you fanboys

SilverDemon1216d ago

I bought it for ps2 and ps3 and I don't regret it. Why? Because I believe that game is worth the money back on ps2 and the work that bluepoint put into this remake deserves every cent
If you don't agree with me, just don't buy it (and for the people who bought the game on ps3 they get free avatars on psn)

Just curious, what did I say that made you call me fanboy?
I simply state that the game is price less than what most companies charge for a remake. And at they end of they day, I don't buy the game on ps3 to be treated specially after 9 years. I bought to enjoy and I did. Ehat next? You should get a discount on TLoU2 cuz you bought the original? You got what you paid for so stop being greedy

Elda1216d ago

Picked it up last night & killed my first 3 Colossi.

rezzah1216d ago

Those are quite easy, the others may provide a greater challenge through puzzle solving.

chris2351216d ago

whatever. to me the reheating of this game each gen feels off pushing. they could have put their skills into sonething new. but no, again shadow of the colossus. ps4 feels like a nintendo console at times in terms of some devs and pubs being overly greedy.

AspiringProGenji1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Whatever! It only takes one remake of a classic masterpiece to turn me into an ungrateful brat and forget about new games coming up like Spiderman, God Of War, Detroit, Dreams, Days Gone, TloU2, Death stranding... how dare you Bluepoint games for doing your job?

Dragonscale1216d ago

Theres a reason this game got remade, Its a stone cold classic. This game alone beats most xbone 'exclusives'. Lol.