Out of Eight: King's Bounty: The Legend Review

Out of Eight writes: "King's Bounty - The Legend bears a great resemblance to the Heroes of Might and Magic series, and for good reason. It's a remake of King's Bounty (1990), a game designed by Jon Van Caneghem, who would go on to create (you guessed it) Heroes of Might and Magic. Despite being a thinking man's game, it plays out a bit like a fairy tale: Bright, colorful, and full of wonder. But around every corner, danger lurks in the form of roaming monsters and rival champions."

The Good:
+Picturesque graphics
+Addictive tactical combat
+Intricately designed locations, fun quests, a high sense of adventure

The Not So Good:
-Skimpy instruction manual doesn't offer enough information on combat
-Erratic difficulty level might bother some players

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