Amazon February Digital Game Sale

Amazon is currently having a sale on digital games for PS4, PS3, PS Vita and Xbox One, and they are offering up to 75% off on selected consoles and handheld games. So if you’re looking to buy some new digital games, you can receive massive discounts on games that you never thought would go below their retail price from this digital sale.

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339d ago
Ilovetheps4339d ago

I really dislike these articles. Every day they're pretty much the same. It's just a random assortment of Amazon's usual sales. I don't understand why this is posted every single day with just a different sale name.

dark_ruller1996339d ago

Affiliate links the poster gets money. Sad but true.

InKnight7s339d ago

exactly I mean as you said tons of articles about usual sales as old anime game + ubisoft failures + EA failures but, nobody talk when The Witcher 3 on sale or something.

Slappy McGee339d ago

It's always that season84 guy. N4G needs to allow us to filter articles by username.

BKirckof339d ago

Yea, they're pretty much useless. Hey, if you love PlayStation so much you should fill out my PlayStation survey. It's for college and I'm a sad, lonely man with no friends...

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InKnight7s339d ago

almost identical to discount deals of Psn store

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