Wired Hands On: Ninja Blade Embraces QTEs

Wired writes: "There used to be a joke that giving games cinematic flavor was all about using Quick Time Events. Most games have moved beyond that -- that is, except for From Software's Ninja Blade.

Things do kick off nicely in the upcoming Xbox 360 game: You jump from a chopper, initiating a few QTEs on your way down before crashing through a high-rise. Then it's on to some real battles, which are actually decent. You do combos, and switch weapons using the D-pad."

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MvmntInGrn3656d ago

I have no issue with QTEs, as long as they are handled well. God of War handles them well, they are there but it doesn't feel like they completely take over and are just for visual flare.

I will say that I really want a developer to add this visual flare without QTEs if possible, but so far I have yet to see that done well.

Maybe GOW3 will do it, that would be awesome.