Bandai Namco Will Invest Heavily in Creating New IP; Announces New Strategy

Bandai Namco announces a new mid-term plan with an extensive reorganization, changes at the top, and large investment in new IP.

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PhoenixUp251d ago

Bandai Namco was one of the Japanese third party publishers who weren’t making a lot of major screw ups last gen or even this gen

blackblades251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

So true, what were the other ones? Temcokoei, square doing fine. I know capcom and sega imo was had there issues definitely capcom.

jukins251d ago

Yea true but they also played it very safe. Tried and true franchises with little change over previous versions. Not that it's bad I just think this article means some risks are about to be taken

FinalFantasyFanatic250d ago

True, I think they played it very safe by banking on mostly well-established franchises. I would be curious to see what unique games they can come up with.

Majin-vegeta251d ago

Bandai own some of the best IPs out there they just need to experiment with them.
They should really consider handing Power Rangers,One piece or Saint Seiya over to Arc systems and let them develop some fighting games with those properties.
I would like to see them let Koei tecmo do a Power Rangers Dynasty warriors type of game.

PapaBop251d ago

When you think of all the IPs Namco have at their disposal and the long list of fighters Arc Sys have too, it's just crying out for a Namco vs Arc Sys fighter at some point in the future especially after how successful DBFZ has been.

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Venox2008250d ago

I really hope that they will make PSVR (and maybe other headsets) port of that new House of the dead from arcades

DivineAssault 250d ago

Great company.. Dark souls, tales of, soul calibur, tekken, etc.. Definitely one of my favorites