Monster Hunter World Update 1.05 and New Quest Schedule Released; New Horizon Zero Dawn Quest Dated

Monster Hunter World gets a new update on PS4 and Xbox One, on top of an updated quest schedule and a date for Aloy's Horizon Zero Dawn quest.

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Aceman18253d ago

Sweet, I got the watcher armor for my kitty.

InTheZoneAC253d ago

Did you get the watcher weapon for your kitty? You have a few hours left to get it if you haven't. I got the weapon yesterday after not realizing it was there.

Aceman18253d ago

When i went to look for it the arena battle was gone, so it's just the armor I have for kitty 😢

InTheZoneAC253d ago

Weird, last night it said something like 18 hours left so I thought you had to around noon.

NecrumOddBoy253d ago

Watcher Kitty is legit armor

DivineAssault 252d ago

Glad i never ran into any issues.. PS4 owners get HZD gear.. What do MS owners get? Gears wouldve been cool i guess