Monster Hunter: World Update 1.05 is Available for Download

Monster Hunter: World is on pace to becoming one of Capcom’s biggest hit in years, with over six million units shipped as of today. The latest update is ready to download and is full updates and adjustments.

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Chaos_Order342d ago

"Over six million units shipped as of today."

I would be absolutely ecstatic if the game surpasses Battlefront 2's lifetime sales. Think of it, an IP that's historically been little more than a niche curio title outside of Japan beating out a Star Wars juggernaut, and not a loot box or season pass in sight. :) Also doesn't hurt that the game is absolutely amazing.

maybelovehate341d ago

Haha, so they did nerf Slicing Ammo. Damn it.

DivineAssault 341d ago

Glad i havent played a MH game all the way since the psp.. This feels so much more modernized and great to control