Fortnite Sets New Concurrent Users Record

With 3.4 million concurrent users, Epic Games' Fortnite has set yet another new record for itself.

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Travis3708343d ago

Well deserved! I love the game and it's totally free! Only problem I have with it is the prices on the outfits. Paying $25 just to get one outfit is outrageous. Buying 2-3 outfits can cost you over $50 in no time I wish they would lower the prices.

Septic343d ago

Yeah I bought a flamingo axe and a plain outfit that cost me 20 quid! But the the devs deserved the support cause it's a great game

Aenea341d ago

Well, because of the free BR I also grabbed the PvE part of it when it was on sale for 50% off in January and having a blast with friends with that as well.

Why do I mention it? Well, you get a ton of vbucks in PvE that I've spent on BR skins :)

There are 4 locations in PvE, clearing one of them takes quite a bit of time (am only just a few days in the 2nd, Plankerton), each of them has 10 storm shield defense mission, each of which gives you 100 vbucks (4000 vbucks total). Also simply logging in can give you a vbucks reward (tomorrow I'm getting 300 vbucks), there are 4 big challenges, finish 1 and you get 50 vbucks, but they have 10 stages each, that's 2000 vbucks right there. Then there are the daily challenges that can get you 50-100 vbucks each, daily missions that can give you 50-100 vbucks, regular missions that are part of the main quest line give you vbucks, putting schematics in your collection book can give you vbucks. Then there's 'seasonal event gold' that you can turn into vbucks on occasion, etc., etc.

Of course, once you really get into the PvE you also might get tempted to buy a loot llama ;)