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This week at Bungie, we’re decorating the world for the big dance.

Yesterday, we revealed that Crimson Days is coming to Destiny 2. If you haven’t had a chance to read the details about the new 2v2 playlist and the rewards you can earn in any activity, please check it out now. We’d be honored to have you join us for the celebration.

Earlier this week, Lord Saladin packed up his wares and left the Tower. We heard some good things about Iron Banner in Season 2. If you are still holding tokens, you can use them the next time the ritual returns. If you still need to punch some Guardians to get that chest ornament, you can also continue your progress when Lord Saladin returns.

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DevilishSix248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

This week at Bungie we show our true fascist colors and lock all none owning Destiny 2 players from our forums. Now it is pay to use forums. Gamer friendly much? Bungie you have truely become the turds of gaming.