Why is Switch Online Taking so Long? Nintendo is Modernizing

— Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo's Switch Online service was supposed to launch in 2017, but won't actually be coming until September 2018. Nintendo is clearly making big changes.

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PhoenixUp344d ago

“For the past few generations, it seems like everything Sony and Microsoft have been doing, Nintendo has purposefully been avoiding.”

Truer words were never spoken.

“Then again, the Wii and DS were very simplistic systems in every other regard as well, so the barebones functionality of the service was rather fitting.”

Not when you consider that Wii had some hardware parity with PSP and that handheld had better online functionality than the console. In fact Wii’s online multiplayer was in many ways a step back from the original Xbox and PS2.

“Nintendo Network came about when the 3DS kicked off the 8th-generation back in 2011.”

NN didn’t come into existence until Jan 2012. In Japan, the first games to introduce Nintendo Network officially were Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Tekken 3D: Prime Edition, which were both released on the same day in February 2012. The first game that officially introduced the Nintendo Network outside Japan was Kid Icarus: Uprising, released in March 2012.

“This was especially true in the Wii U’s case as comparisons were constantly being made between it and the PS4 and Xbox One.”

Even more comparisons were made how Wii U’s online felt vastly inferior compared to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Nintendo releasing a new console with weaker online that pre-exisiting rival hardware is a recurring thing.

“The point they’ve been trying to make is that Nintendo shouldn’t be trying to start charging for an online service after several years of choosing to stick with an archaic infrastructure. But, that’s just the thing—Nintendo is clearly trying to make advancements.”

Nintendo should’ve already been doing that since the console launched. You don’t need a subscription service to have better online. The Vita’s and PS3’s online services are still vastly superior to what’s offered on Switch and they both have free online.

“But, as the newbie, Nintendo has the opportunity to closely look into Xbox Live and PlayStation Network as examples for what to do.”

Nintendo has had 15 and 11 years to look at what XBL & PSN have done respectively and in that time they still lagged far behind. I really don’t expect them to produce anything comparable when he subscription service launches. Not to mention that the fact this online service actually has Switch in its title heavily alludes to them building something else from the ground up again with their next system as opposed to PSN & XBL’s overarching names and functionalities.

“It’s not easy to convert free users to paying customers, especially when the service in question started out as being totally free.”

Indeed. The reason PS+ didn’t cause a big issue when it released in 2010 was because it was an optional subscription service and it offered a lot of perks that made it well worth the purchase. PSP, PS3, & Vita owners got the best of both worlds with continuing to play online for free or subscribing to a service to get more benefits. Since with Switch you’ll be required to subscribe to play online they’d have to do a lot more to entice people, although the lower price helps a bit.

ChickeyCantor344d ago

>had better online functionality than the console

You're missing one fundamental part. It isn't so much the hardware as it is infrastructure. Nintendo hasn't been investing in a good infrastructure for online stuff. Mario kart on Wii had some solid online play. It was basic but the lag was pretty much non existing. And that's just for ONE game.

It's only a matter of time before Nintendo is up to par with the others. It's not a matter of "if" but "when".

RpgSama344d ago

" It's not a matter of "if" but "when"."

Yeah, I can totally see Nintendo being on par with the online functionality of a Launch PS3 by 2020, they're slowly but surely maybe getting there

ChickeyCantor344d ago


I'm not arguing how long it will take, rather that it is inevitably.

The company is growing more and more and losing its rigid attitude.

JaguarEvolved344d ago

"Why is Switch Online Taking so Long? "

Lol, it's Nintendo. It'll be rubbish. Nintendo are ripping people off now with the prices of the system and especially the overpriced games so just expect Nintendo to literally have barely anything but charge for it. Why would Nintendo need to charge for an online service when they barely have games with online functionality?

ChickeyCantor343d ago

> Why would Nintendo need to charge for an online service when they barely have games with online functionality?

Because they have other third parties to to please as well. Nintendo has failed to do so in the past and it has certainly hit them. Newer generation of kids are also more online and it would be foolish of them not to move with tech.

Also lol @ downvotes. If Nintendo really didn't care they would have gone green with their dumb online setup they proposed a year go. There is a reason why it's delayed.

_-EDMIX-_343d ago

Hardware has absolutely nothing to do with the issues regarding Nintendo not having an online infrastructure.

The Nintendo Wii is more powerful than the PSP yet the PSP had a network infrastructure in regards to PlayStation Network. (That clearly was connected to PlayStation 3 and now PlayStation 4 PlayStation Vita what have you)

I'm sorry but there's just no excuse when your competitor releases something and several years later you're failing to adopt what is already been done.

This is just ignorance at its core I would argue it's literally incompetence that you have a company that is unable to understand something that's happening in the industry they work in even with their competitors flaunting it in their face.

Body it would be like you having a failing business and you sell Burgers and Fries and you're not sure why your business is failing yet you have a McDonald's in a Burger King right next to you with drive-thru sand dollar menus and you failed to adopt this.

I'm sorry but there just isn't an excuse when you have a company that is failing to implement something that their competitors are basically teaching them how to do with the easiest blueprint in the industry to do a feature.

I mean would you take a company seriously that was a streaming company that released in 2018 and did not have a queue, did not have a favorites list, did not have a pause function, did not have a way for you to properly pay monthly etc?

I mean buddy that excuse might fly if we're talking about that this company is going up against Netflix THE VERY DAY they roll out of streaming service but not in 2018.

As soon as Microsoft rolled out Xbox Live trust me Sony was already Working on getting a network adapter into the PlayStation 2, by the time the PlayStation 3 rolled out they already had an entire infrastructure base planned and ready for launch.

It was not up to par with what Xbox Live was at the time but it was very clear they understood what they needed for the base features to grow.

FinalFantasyFanatic343d ago

Nintendo's online services have been kinda meh for most of their existence (I never really used them). This is on opportunity for them to match or outperform their competitors by doing something different or just doing better what has already been done. I don't see this as making or breaking them, but it has big potential for them to draw in new players depending on what their online services can offer.

ChickeyCantor343d ago (Edited 343d ago )


>Hardware has absolutely nothing to do with the issues regarding Nintendo not having an online infrastructure.

That's what I said, not sure why you're arguing that with me.

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PhoenixUp343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

@ Chickey

I already said that the Wii’s hardware wasn’t any excuse for it to be having subpar online. 😑 Hence why I brought up PSP which was released in the same generation, and even PS2 and Xbox which had a similar hardware set to Wii.

You're talking about one game rather as opposed to the entire service. PSP allowed you voice chat in multiple games, play your digital content across multiple systems, had no Friend codes whatsoever, and this was before PSN even launched two years after the handheld’s Dec 2004 release. Hell those are features that Switch still struggles with to this day 14 years later.

We’ve seen time and again how Nintendo has had he online groundwork laid out for them and they still somehow screw it up. The fact that Friend Codes are still a thing on NS just further shows how you can’t take Nintendo seriously in this field.

Nintendo will never be on par with rival online services. They’ll always be in a state of catching up years old standards while Sony and Microsoft further introduce new standards for consumers to become accustomed to.

ChickeyCantor343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

>You're talking about one game rather as opposed to the entire service

That wasn't the point. I was simply saying that they could do something if they wanted to but instead are investing in smaller infrastructures. I'm not excusing their behavior im just saying that they will have to keep up at some point.

>Nintendo will never be on par with rival online services.

Nonsense. As tech progresses so will it equalize features from company to company. Nintendo is just being abhorrently stubborn about it. They are slow about it but they will get there. Head of Nintendo keeps changing as well as more and more younger people get hired.

PhoenixUp343d ago

My point is that have the structure laid out for them and yet they stilll chose to make boneheaded decisions.

Nintendo can get to how PSN and XBL were in the late 2000’s, but the late 2010s is completely unreachable for a company like them. Sony and Microsoft evolve their services faster than Nintendo adapts to them. This has been the case for the entire 21st century.

ChickeyCantor342d ago

> but the late 2010s is completely unreachable for a company like them.

No, again, tech provides tools that make it more feasible. Nintendo just needs to invest. It isn't miyamoto doing netcode and infrastructure, It's a separate group all together that they hire.

You keep hammering how Nintendo can't keep up, they can, they just need to invest and change their attitudes about stuff like friendcodes. The tech is there they just need to apply it.

>Sony and Microsoft evolve their services faster than Nintendo adapts to them.

Because Sony and MS invest their services whereas Nintendo has always considered it an after thought.
MS and Sony aren't using space magic to get their services running. Their infrastructures run on common day technology.

PhoenixUp342d ago

It’s impossible for Nintendo to compete because by the time they even adapt to the basic functionalities of PSN & XBL, Sony and Microsoft would’ve evolved past that. Those two tech giants aren’t ones to let their online service stagnate like Nintendo is often prone to doing.

Nintendo can change their attitudes but even then it still won’t be at as fast a pace as competitors

ChickeyCantor342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

>Nintendo can change their attitudes but even then it still won’t be at as fast a pace as competitors

Yeah they can, you just need the right people and a good investment.
You seem to think money has no play in this, nor the people who know about building infrastructures.

Again Sony and MS aren't using tech that's exclusive to them. You can argue that some of their tooling is, but again those are build on existing tech. Their infrastructures, servers and databases are all using common software.

The problem is solely in Nintendos attitude. If they wanted they'd could just copy what sony or MS is doing. Alas their mindset is very japanese centric and is trying to target mobile users, as it's common in japan. Whereas Sony targeted the west from the start.

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Segata343d ago

Just remember DeNa is handling Nintendo's online this gen. Not so much Nintendo themselves.

_-EDMIX-_343d ago

Really? I had no clue that Nintendo is outsourcing their entire online infrastructure to another company.

When did this happen exactly?

I would argue that's even more questionable that the company doesn't even see this task as something seriously enough to handle themselves.

PhoenixUp343d ago

I’ve seen news of Nintendo partnering up with DeNa to produce its IPs on smartphones, but not that the company is in complete control of Switch Online and Nintendo has no say in how it’s handled.

That sounds like a ludicrous notion that tries to make Nintendo look blameless in all of this if things don’t pan out the way they should.

_-EDMIX-_343d ago

It's here

It is mentioned that this company will be handling this membership service but I'm not entirely sure if it's clear that they're the ones that are physically making the entire online infrastructure.

they don't really go too deep into specifics

PhoenixUp343d ago

Exactly. Even if DeNa is handling one or even some aspects of the service, that doesn’t mean they’re in control of the entire thing. A company like Nintendo that rejected EA’s offer of controlling Wii U’s online service through Origin would never outsource their infrastructure to an outside company and have no say in how it’s operated

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RyanDJ344d ago

I really wonder if the online price is cheaper because they're expecting multiple consoles per household, linked to a single person. My son wants his own Switch, and when he goes there he'll transfer his account, meanwhile I'll still have mine. Unless there can be a family nnid, maybe? But if they see 2-3 Switches in a house, theres the $60 they'd make in one "family account" anyways.

Princess_Pilfer343d ago

The price is cheaper because there aren't actually many/any costs associated with the thing that can't be covered by game sales on their digital store. It's just slightly less egregious price gouging because they want to look good in the eyes of customers who don't know that.

DillyDilly344d ago ShowReplies(1)
gamer7804344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I'd love to see achievements and a social feed where u can post comments, screenshots and videos.

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